The Families at Pastor Johns House

Meet Tim & Bess

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"When Tim and I met and received the holy Ghost in 1985 and got married in 1986, we had many dreams of what our life would be like as we would grow together through the years. We were young, immature, and had no real role models of holiness in our lives. But, we did have one thing that kept us together through the good times and the hard times: the desire to be close to God.

There were times of happiness, but there were also times of hurt because we had not been taught how to really take care of each other's hearts...." (READ MORE)


Meet Rob and Donna

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"My husband Rob and I have been married now for 25 years. At the time we started coming to the meetings, Pastor John has encouraged Rob and I to be a help to each other, to care for each other, and to work together. ....." (CLICK FOR MORE OF DONNA'S TESTIMONY)

As of May 2009, Donna and I have been married 25 years. I want to say that today my marriage is in the best condition that it has ever been in. My marriage is wonderful and I want to thank Pastor John and Barbara for all of their counsel and prayers...." (CLICK FOR MORE OF ROB'S TESTIMONY)

Meet Earl and Betty

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"I met Betty and her mother in a small farm town called Battleboro. I had received the holy ghost in 1964, and was excited by the experience of being born of the Spirit and would often visit friends and school buddies telling them of the goodness of God....." (CLICK FOR MORE OF EARL AND BETTY'S TESTIMONY)

Meet Jim and Diane

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"Diane and I have been married for thirty-nine years and we have had the holy Ghost for ten years. God has been so good to us over the years, but especially the last ten. Jesus has drawn us closer to Him and we to each other. Our love and respect for each other has grown more deeply because of Him. There is a peace and contentment in our home that only Jesus can give....." (READ MORE)

Meet Amanda

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"In 2006, I decided to divorce my abusive and financially burdensome husband. Pastor John fully supported me in my decision. Throughout my life, I have heard stories of women being told by ministers that they have to stay with their husbands "no matter what" — no matter the abuse, no matter the unfaithfulness...." (READ MORE)


Meet Tom and Suzi

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" One of our personal desires from the beginning of our marriage was that we could have a marriage where we remained faithful to each other and to Jesus. Because of the things Jesus has shown us, we have had a happy and fruitful marriage. Our faithfulness and love for each other as husband and wife has been evident nearly 28 years now....." (READ MORE)


Meet Paul and Jammie

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" I had always known from a very young age that if and when I was to marry, the person I would marry would have to be a believer. I had come in contact with the best people on earth as a young girl. They taught me things to make my life happy in Jesus! The people I met are here at Pastor John's House and they were kind enough to teach me the truth. I learned that in this life, the happiest people are the ones who do it God's way....." (READ MORE)


Meet LeeAnn

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"I hope this will help someone who feels trapped in an abusive relationship and sees no way out, whether the abuse is physical or, as in my case, mental and emotional. My ex-husband and I married in 2001, after just a few months of spending time together and barely getting to know one another. We both soon regretted that we had rushed into the marriage, and after only two months of marriage, I called my pastor and told him I wanted out...." (READ MORE)


Meet Stuart and Anna

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"Anna and I really enjoyed your teaching on Marriage and Divorce. The Q&A session (link) on the marriage and divorce issue was wonderful. The part that stuck out the most to me was the part about a believing spouse being married to an unbelieving spouse; it reminded me of what happened to Anna and myself. When God started calling Anna to Him she asked me to go with her to a gathering and I did -- reluctantly, not really wanting to go. ..." (READ MORE)


Meet Darren and Julie

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"My wife Julie and I have had several trials in our life together over the years. The amazing thing to us is that we are still together. Our main trials have been financial in nature, which is something that destroys relationships every day....." (CLICK FOR MORE OF DARREN'S TESTIMONY)

Darren and I met at our place of employment in 1995. We had worked there for over a year, but had never talked to one another. I had to ask Darren a question one day about some paperwork, and something sparked inside me while we were speaking...." (CLICK FOR MORE OF JULIE'S TESTIMONY)

Meet Randell and Doris

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"When my wife, Doris, was a young girl, she would pray asking the Lord to give her a husband that loved her, to have a child, and that we would worship the Lord together. We were both in our 30’s in 1988 when we got married in the Lutheran Church she had attended all of her life. This was her first marriage and my second....." (READ MORE)


Name Withheld

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"Pastor John, I have been taught that I can not remarry. My husband left my 2 & 1/2 year old son and myself 34 years ago. I have lived alone and supported my son and myself with no help from him. For years he would never come to see our son. All I want to do is serve my master, the Lord, and find peace at the end of the way....." (READ MORE)


Meet Billy and Judy

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"I would like to take this time to thank John David Clark Sr. for richly increasing the quality of my marriage, and of my life. John became my Pastor in 2001, and through his love, concerns for my life and family, along with the care I have received since he became my Pastor & friend, I have a happy and contented life. My wife Judy and I are very grateful to know John, his children, and his wife, Barbara. They all have added to my life, and I love them as they were my own family......" (READ MORE)


Meet Cliff and Julie

As a young girl, my only desire in life was to have a family. I never had a desire for a big career, I just wanted to be married and have children. I knew that when I got married one day, I wanted a husband that loved God. My family began attending meetings with Preacher Clark and Pastor John when I was 10 years old....(READ JULIE'S TESTIMONY)

In the spring of 1995 I started attending prayer meetings after I meet Julie. I had just gotten out of a bad marriage,and my life was upside down. I was just plan miserable with life. In that summer, I started an Old Testament class ...(READ CLIFF'S TESTIMONY)

Meet Richard & Amy

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"Our marriage is a story of the goodness of God and how He took our broken lives and, through His love, healed our hearts and made us one. Richard’s Testimony: Returning to God I received the holy ghost as a teenager at age 19. And being a “good boy” from my youth, who did well in school and never “got into trouble”, I did not really value or seek to understand the new life God had given me through His Spirit......" (READ MORE)


Meet Junior and Natalie

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"We were married at an early age, not knowing anything about God or marriage. Several years later, in the early 1980’s, we met Pastor John and began to travel to their home prayer meetings. Through the godly examples of the individuals around us, we learned how to treat each other. Specifically, Pastor John taught us the importance of maintaining a right relationship by taking care of the hearts around you...." (READ MORE)


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