pastor John's House is the personal website of Pastor John D. Clark Sr., of Burlington, NC
pastor John's House is the personal website of Pastor John D. Clark Sr., of Burlington, NC

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Rebekah Clark

"An Open Letter to Damon Thompson,
a Young Minister at "The Call" "

July 11, 2007

Dear Brother Damon:

You spoke at the School of Intercession in Nashville this past Friday, and what I saw, felt, heard and learned during that small window of time was an education for me in discernment. I feel confident in saying that the Spirit of God was more present then than at any other time during TheCall events, even including Saturday (though please understand that this is not meant at all as any disrespect to Lou Engle or anyone else). It is probably not exaggerating to add "by far", and I wonder if you agree or feel that I am in error.

I want to comment on so many of the things that you said in your message, but I won't, not because I don't want to or because they weren't good (they were!), but because I respect that you only have a limited amount of time to give to this.

Let me mention one small thing, though, that touched me before I get to the point of this email. One thing that stood out to me was when you spoke of “godly” versus “good” children, and how we should be instructing and guiding children to understand that they can have their own experiences from God, on their own. That blessed me because we have had that, in the past and again recently, with our children. A couple months ago, many people in our little congregation were over at my house late one evening (my father is pastor, and we have home prayer meetings in our basement), sitting on our front porch and talking about the things of God while the children ran & played in the backyard. Soon after dark, one of the girls (age 10) ran over to get some adults because, she said, "H----'s getting the holy Ghost!!" The children had stopped playing a while before (unknown to us) and had been talking about God when a little girl (age 8) had said, "I want the holy Ghost!" So, the 10-year-old girl, who already had it, said, "Well, we don't need to wait until a meeting, we can have our own meeting -- God is the meeting!" And they began to pray, and the little 8-year-old began to have stammering lips! That's when they ran to get us. It was such a sweet night, outside praying with the children until 10:30 or so. They all were touched by God, crying and praying, and we were, too! It was so wonderful! It really can be like that, if we instruct children in the right way. We have no youth group, no programs, no forms, no ceremonies -- we just teach them about God. It's so simple, and I love it.

Now, I must tell you what happened at the end of your message, and I hope and pray that you will "test the spirit, to see if be from God." First of all, let me explain that I cannot, with a clear conscience, act like something is blessing me and praise God if the Spirit of God inside of me is not saying "Amen." That was one of the toughest parts of this weekend for me, because there were so many times when I felt such pressure to raise my hands like everyone else, scream, do whatever -- but I could not do this because I have been taught to always wait on the Spirit, even if man doesn't like it. It's hard to be standing in the middle of a screaming crowd and stand still; but I know when I feel something, and I know when I don't. So, when I say that the Spirit of God was on you towards the end of your message, it's not a cliche religious statement of flattery with no value. The Spirit of God was on you! And speaking through you... for a moment. I felt the Spirit rising up in me, and I could feel it in the room, and when you said that we needed to divorce Baal and you began to cry out, "Give us the children!", that was not you crying out, that was the Spirit of God through you, and it hit me so strong that the power of God was running all through me. I was there that day with my two younger brothers and my sister-in-law, and I was standing in front of them at this time. When I finally turned around to check on them, my sister in law was crying and praying in tongues, my youngest brother was on his knees with his face on the floor, and my other brother had been knocked backwards by the power of God and was on his back on the floor. Brother Damon, it was there in that room.

But. There is a "but" here, because the reason that we in our little group were so blessed is because we knew what the Spirit was saying through you. Please don't become angry when I say this, and give me a chance to explain; but I must tell you: You didn't. You thought it was about abortion, but it so desperately wasn't! Abortion is a terrible, terrible thing -- It is sin and it is murder, I know. Nevertheless, that was not what God was trying to say on that day. And the moment you turned it into an issue of abortion, the whole feeling in the room changed. I felt the Spirit of God go -- it left so quickly that for a split-second I had to ask myself if I had been mistaken that it was there at the first. The noise level never changed, the praying never changed, the words never changed (except that you inserted "babies" when the Spirit had been saying "children"); but the feeling was altogether different. I lowered my hands down, and thought, "What is happening?" I feel like I am very much still young in the Lord, so I don't understand a lot of things sometimes. All the more reason that I have to rely on the Spirit and those over me in the Lord to help me understand. I turned around to look behind me again, and I saw that my sister-in-law had the same reaction as I did, and my youngest brother had left the room. There was almost in that room a feeling of wild-ness -- and I have to ask you, did you not feel the change? I stepped outside the room, and I was shaking. I called my dad, crying, and told him what happened -- I had to have some help because I couldn't believe what had just happened, some comfort because I was hurting for God's people who did not even notice a difference. He told me that, sadly, this is what happens many times in Pentecostal gatherings because as soon as the Spirit tries to break through with Truth, it is too much and the people can't take it, can't swallow it. He said that he has seen it over and over through the years, and to a much greater degree even.

I want to ask you, and I hope that you will tell me honestly, no matter if you agree or disagree -- how do you feel like that session ended up? What were you feeling? I will tell you what I believe that the Spirit was trying to say through you that day. At one point, you even said it yourself, but you could not understand! You cried out, "You can keep your ceremonies, just give us the children!" Oh, Damon! Baal is not abortionists or drug dealers or even bad internet site builders, although those things are all horrible. Baal is the false religion, the alter-religion that God’s people have married themselves to because it looks so flashy and sounds so good, just like the idols in the lands of and around Canaan -- a substitute religion for the real ways of God. Baal is a communion ceremony instead of real communion with God. Baal is water baptism too, instead of only the ONE baptism that Jesus suffered and died to purchase for us. Baal is choir robes, three-piece suits, flowers next to a podium, mission trips and all that stuff instead of real holiness, real obedience to God. Baal is teaching that the Spirit of God is something that you can get when you repeat a few words and "join the church" instead of real repentance and conversion through the baptism of the holy Ghost. Baal is what I read in the Tennessee papers Sunday morning about how the speakers at TheCall were instructed not to speak in the Spirit (in tongues) because it might offend somebody, and they wanted to maintain "unity." Well, I will tell you, brother, that they can keep that kind of unity, because it's not the kind that made those 120 in one accord on the day of Pentecost! God's people are in a terrible, terrible mess. They are not taught anything -- they aren't even taught that they are God's people! They are taught that they only "have a gift", and that all those people who have "a form of godliness, denying the power thereof" are God's people too, because they have "gotten saved". God wants his children far out of all of that mess, so that they can rest and feel his love and understand his ways -- He wants His children!!

This may be strong, but I am realizing that you preach strong and like strong, so I'll go a step further. What happened last Friday was a spiritual abortion. Please don't think that I am upset with or disappointed in you; no, I am telling you all this because I feel something from you that wants what is real. If I didn't, trust me, I would not bother. I have seen and faced so much rejection that I am learning better than to throw pearls before swine. Last night after I wrote to you the first time, I found some sermons that you preached on the internet. I listened to the whole thing -- I couldn't turn it off. At the end of it, when you are crying out to God -- oh my, I sat there and cried. And when I realized later that it was only a few weeks ago, wow! I thought, "God! You were really listening to this man!"

I appreciate so much the time that you have given to reading all that I have had to say. Who am I to say such things to you? It's hard for me to do this, and I hope you can sense that it is not at all through pride that I speak like this. But, I felt like I had to let you know. I won't take up any more of your time, but I would really, really appreciate a response from you, even if you don't agree with me. Please let me know what you think.

Much love in Jesus,

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