pastor John's House is the personal website of Pastor John D. Clark Sr., of Burlington, NC
pastor John's House is the personal website of Pastor John D. Clark Sr., of Burlington, NC

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Margo Ellis

"I Never Fit In With the World"

Hi, my name is Margo Ellis, and this is some of my testimony!

When I was sixteen I had a friend who was killed in a deadly car accident. That is when Jesus started dealing with me. I remember the awful feeling I was left with after the death of my friend. I cried out to God and asked “Why God did this happen?” God heard my cry, and He knew my pain. He knew because He put it there. A few months went on and I tried to stop doing some of the sinful things I would do, but I would always go right back again. I know now that is because I didn’t have God’s Spirit on the inside keeping me and giving me a desire for holy things.

I eventually went on with my lonely life as a careless teenager. Little did I know that Jesus had a whole different path for me to take.

A year later in June of 2001, Billy Graham came to Louisville, KY. I just had one little prayer one night, “God, I will do everything in my power to get Tony to that crusade.” He really wanted to go, and I had no idea why I even prayed that night. I had no interest in religion at all, and rarely every prayed. We went to the crusade, and I really started feeling some new feelings. They had the alter call and I went up there.

During the next month or so I found myself reading the Gospel of John and loving it! I had a new found excitement in life! I could not wait to read the next chapter. During this time as well Jesus immediately started changing some of my old ways and thoughts. My vocabulary took on a huge change right away.

Tony and I started attending a Baptist church after the crusade. I had gone to the Baptist church when I was a young girl, so we decided to go there. While going to this church, I met a gentleman. Tony and I were acquaintances with him for a few months, and he told us about Bro Billy Mellick. Tony went to Billy’s employer one day to see if there were any jobs available. Well he didn’t get a job, but he got something much better. Billy and Tony met with me at a McDonald’s restaurant one afternoon to talk about the day of Pentecost and when the disciples were born again. At this time I did not understand at all what I was hearing. I had never heard or seen speaking in tongues before, so I wasn’t sold on the idea at first. Bro Billy told us about the prayer meetings and invited us to come for a visit.

During this time as well we began to feel like we didn’t belong at the Baptist church any longer, so we decided to stop attending. I was very afraid at this time. I had begun to fall in love with this new way of life and did not want to go back to my old way of living. We did not know where we were going, but trusted the Lord to show us where He was leading us.

We took Bro Billy’s invitation and attended our first holiness prayer meeting. I was terrified!!! Everyone was shouting and speaking in tongues. I remember while Pastor John was preaching I began to feel really lightheaded and warm inside. As soon as I felt it, I shook it off. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to act like these people. At the end of the meeting, Pastor John began praying for people, and at that point I was out of there! I was at my limit, and I ran out in tears. Needless to say I did not go back the next morning. At the time, I did not understand what I was feeling, but I can look back now and see I was feeling real feelings from the Lord and was ashamed. The feelings of conviction and love where more than I could take.

A few weeks went on, and I was able to listen to a teaching series by Pastor John on the New Birth, and read my Bible. This really helped me a lot. I was ready to attend another meeting and try it again. This time I had a whole better attitude toward it. A sister testified in that meeting about having a willing heart, and to ask Jesus for one. Well, that is what I prayed. Jesus heard my prayer and He did just that for me. I was now willing to be wrong and Jesus to be right and to show me what was really the ways of the Lord.

In November of 2001, everyone here in Louisville was going to North Carolina for Thanksgiving at Pastor John’s house. I was riding with Junior and Natalie. Bro Junior picked me up at my parents' home and took me to their house to stay the night. I remember lying on their couch and looking around at their tapes, books, and feeling the feelings in their house. I said, “God, these people are really real. They really live this way!” So I finally felt like for the first time I could let my guard down and believe.

I still smoked cigarettes when I came to the meetings, and I knew if I was going to NC, then I was going to have to stop. I had always tried to stop before, but just could not get over my flesh. I needed Jesus to take the desire from my heart. He was also looking for a sincerity and desperation in me that I was willing to give up the old ways. Of course, I had such a wonderful trip to NC that I did not even realize I had quit smoking until I gotten back home.

As I had mentioned, I had a wonderful time on my trip. I had gotten prayed for by the saints for the first time during a Thanksgiving night prayer meeting. The feelings of seeking God were exciting and overwhelming. I wanted the holy Ghost badly by this time. On that Friday night, a young lady named Leah came over to me and asked me to come and stand with her. When we walked over to the other side of the room, all I could do was hug her, and by that point everyone surrounded us and started praying. We fell out in the Spirit on the floor holding each other’s hand. My whole body was shaking and I had that very warm feeling again. I was praying so hard for the holy Ghost. I still did not fully know what it was, but I loved the feelings. I remember sister Barbara rubbing my hair and talking to me. There were also others that were around me too, encouraging me to keep going. Suddenly my lips started quivering A LOT! It was as if I was outside in the cold or something. I began making this new noise, and I felt really wonderful. I had received the holy Ghost. I didn’t know at first that I had gotten it because I never heard of "stammering lips" before (Isa. 28:11), but that is what I had. I finally had gotten it!! Leah got it too! All together, six of us received the holy Ghost that Thanksgiving. That night, I went to lie down in my bed, and I thought to myself, “Ok, I am going to see of this thing really works.” I wanted to know for sure that I had received the holy Ghost. Some of the saints had also told me to keep seeking until I was satisfied in my soul, and I wanted to make sure I was 100% satisfied. So I opened my mouth -- and a new language came out! So I knew then that it was not me and that the Lord had blessed me with his sweet Spirit. He took all of the doubt away!

Since I have received the holy Ghost in 2001, the Lord has blessed my life beyond what I ever could have dreamed. He has given me a wonderful family, husband, and a son. What more could I ask for?

I always knew that I was different, and I never understood why I didn’t fit in with this world. Something in my heart just never felt quite right until the Lord showed me His Truth, and what is real. If you really want to know what is real, He will show you. All you need is just a willing heart for the answer.

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