"The Spiritual Legacy of My Father, George C. Clark."

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In my office recently, we listened to a 1980 radio interview with my father and myself. In that interveiw, We took note that throughout those two 30-minute interviews with Preacher Clark, there was a calm, loving authority in the man, and authority that makes the humble in heart WANT TO BOW. The simple truth of God brought with it the power that we felt. - John David Clark Sr.

During a very loud and excited Pentecostal meeting in Louisville more than forty years ago now, I heard a young man say, "The anointing is really here tonight!" Everyone there, it seemed, agreed and said "Amen!" Later that night, on the way home from the meeting, my father brought up that young man's comment and said, "They just don't know what the anointing is. The real anointing makes you quiet. It calms you down."

I was just a sinner at the time, but I have never forgotten what he said. What we felt in the messages below was the anointing that Preacher Clark was talking about. Such confident, loving authority cannot be imitated. It was altogether in the Spirit. The world knows nothing about it, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Please take advantage of the Links below to both audio and video selections recorded of my father, George C. Clark. He was a blessed and anointed man of God, and I owe much to him. --- Pastor John

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