What is Pastor Johns House?

PastorJohnsHouse.com is the personal website of Pastor John Clark Sr. On this site you will find items of a personal nature, such as ongoing writings and other projects, music, correspondence, videos and photos, and the testimonies and personal experiences of those in the body of Christ here. Please take time to view and study the valuable resources on this website.

We hope that every child of God feels welcome at Pastor John's House!

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What You Can Find at Pastor John's House?

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In response to the many requests pastor John gets about how to begin home prayer meetings like the ones we have here, please read this article for important information and advice. Click Here to Read Article

Special Teaching Video: "What Happens at the
Moment of New Birth?", by Pastor John Clark, Sr.

Personal Testimonies

Billy Mellick

Graham, NC

Several years ago, I had a kidney stone which caused me a great deal of pain. Upon visiting the doctor, tests showed that I also had a cancerous tumor on my kidney. My testimony is one of great blessing and healing from Jesus... (read more)

George C. Clark

Henderson, NC

My personal testimony of how I received the holy Ghost....Denominationally speaking, I had an inheritance in the Free Will Baptist faith, going back several generations. Since I was reared in that faith, it was only natural that I should connect myself with that sect....(read more)


Lou Finch

Graham, NC

In the fall of 1994 I was diagnosed with carcinoma breast cancer, stage three. I had six out of twenty-one lymph nodes that tested positive also. Normally this is not a good sign, but God had prepared my heart for this when I read a book titled All Things, written by John David Clark, Sr. ...(read more)


Amy Boveia

Graham, NC

God was looking out for me my whole life; I just didn't understand that. But, I am glad He granted me the chance now to find out about Him despite my ignorance and rebellion as a child...(read more)

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