Psalm 119 Acrostics.

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David wrote a Psalm (119) in which each section begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. He went through the whole alphabet in order, which is called an "acrostic."

Pastor John tried it, and it blessed him. He really felt some good feelings when he did it. So, he asked us to try it and see how it made us feel. Here is what we came up with! And, if you get inspired, you try it too! See how it makes you feel.

Click on the link below and read each of ours via a popup!

Pastor John
Gary Savelli
Donna Nelson
Donna Nelson #2
Sarah Hicks
Stuart Hiser
Sandy Sasser
Rob Nelson
Jim Kirk
Bess Sellers
Carrie Caldwell
Debbie Tolle
Cris Mills
Token Clark Embry
Kathy Tuck
Jimmy Tolle Jr.
Amy Boveia
Amy French
Billy Highfill
Billy Mellick
Damien Callaghan
Kay Callaghan
Bob Payne
Rebekah Embry
Margaret Gouveia
Barbara Clark
Darren Prater
Pastor John #2
Lou Finch
Debbie Tolle #2
Debbie Tolle #3
Jim Gregory
Doris Williams
Lee Ann Burkhardt
Suzi Traughber
Suzi Traughber #2
Betty Pittman
Diane Kirk
Lyn Hammonds
Tina Riley
Samantha Caldwell
Samuel Caldwell
Gloria Bartow

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