Kid's Art - Some of the Sweet Pictures Drawn By Young Children at Pastor John's House

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Below is a collection of some of the drawings done by the younger children at pastor Johns house during the gatherings we have. Children pay attention a lot more than we may think they do! Click on the drawing to bring the scanned artwork to full screen view.

  Life in the Meetings, by Naomi Embry
  Daniel in the Lion's Den, by Jonathan Sellers
  Moses Parts the Red Sea, by Jacob Curtsinger
  3 Hebrew Children, by Samuel Caldwell
  I Love You Pastor John, by Daniel Mills
  Gideon Fighting, by Noah Curtsinger
  Pastor John Preaching, by Grace Caldwell
  Thank You For Being My Pastor, by Timothy Weber
  Meeting at Pastor John's, by Jessa French
  Happy Easter Pastor John, by Ben Hosler
  Hymn of Many Colors, by Hope Mills
  Holy Bible, by Jordan Ayscue
  Praying is Not Your Answer, by Jacob Curtinger
  Praising God, by Naomi Embry
  Meeting Notes, by Jessa French
  Thanksgiving, by Grace Caldwell

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