John D. Clark Sr.

"Why I Am Not a Christian."

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I rejected Christianity in 1993 when, after a long time of trying to be a Christian, Jesus finally got it through to me that Christianity is a religion that never was of him. I already knew that the truth he taught and his purpose for living on earth was not to be found anywhere in any denominational group, but I did not know until May, 1993, that it was the entire Christian religious system that was the problem. What a relief it was to stop trying to find a place inside that religion where I could live and worship God the way I knew God wanted it to be!

To obey God and come out of Christianity was a little frightening at first, but I knew it was the will of God for His people to do so. I had never heard of anyone serving the Lord Jesus outside of Christianity, and I thought I was the only one on earth that was walking on that narrow path. But later, I was to learn that many sincere, godly people had heard the call of the Father and abandoned that religion long before I did, but in the main, I found that even they were drifting. The ones I contacted were confused; they didn't know where to go or what to do once they rejected the religious systems of Christianity. They knew that Christianity was not of God and that they wanted no part of it, but they had been programmed by Christianity to believe certain things, and were having difficulty getting its teachings and influence out of their hearts. That's my job. I am a teacher of these people, and my task is very difficult. In fact, it is impossible without God's help. Jesus has taught me how to help God's precious children who want to know and love him, and to serve God acceptably, but who do not want to serve Christianity.

“Come Out of Her, My People!”

The biggest obstacle on earth to God’s people coming to the knowledge of God is the religious system called "Christianity". God hates it.

The name of His Son, Jesus, should never be associated with such confusion and error. Our Lord Jesus Christ has nothing to do with Christianity, except that Christians claim that he does; still, everybody on earth believes that Christianity represents him. That is how Satan has "deceived the whole world." Believing that, Satan's very most successful lie in history, God's people join themselves to Christianity, and as a result, they are scattered among the hundreds of sects which make up that religion. Not one of Christianity's churches is of God; yet, God's people are there, thinking that is where God wants them to be. It is not, and the Father is crying out to them, "Come out of her, my people!"

It is a mistake to think of Christianity as something that once was good but then went astray. Christianity has never been of God. It has never been good. The religion of Christianity is that corrupt thing which infiltrated the body of Christ and perverted it, just as the apostles forewarned would happen (Acts 20:17- 35). Some actually saw it taking place before they died (Gal.1:6-7; 2Tim.1:15; 1Jn.2:18-19). My dear brothers and sisters, give it up! Lay that heavy burden down! There is no such thing as restoring Christianity to its original purity. It was evil from the moment it appeared.


Jesus did not come to start "Christianity"; he came to set men free from sin, sickness, and death. The vibrant faith described in the book of Acts is not the record of the beginning of Christianity. Christianity is a religious system that came later and perverted the spiritual life we see in the book of Acts. The revealed truths found in the New Testament books can be found only in widely scattered bits within Christianity, and those bits of truth are always – yes, always – mixed with one heresy or another.

The bewildering array of doctrines and traditions within Christianity has had the effect of frustrating and discouraging a search for the truth. As one sister testified after learning the truth, "I didn't think we could ever know the truth until after we die." Many of God's people feel that way. Using Christianity as his principal tool, Satan has done a masterful job of discouraging God's children from crying out for and seeking God's one truth! My dear brothers and sisters, the truth can be found . . . BY YOU . . . today! As a servant of Jesus for this generation, my greatest challenge has been to re-ignite a spark of hope in the hearts of God's children to believe that they can know the truth.

The religion of “Christianity” came about because of a mixing of the faith of Jesus with politics. Roman Emperors attempted to use the harmony of believers to unite their empire. They imposed their version of the faith by military power instead of by the power of the Spirit, and the results are tragic. The simple truth of the gospel was cast aside for a more fashionable, less charismatic, faith. Those who refused to accept this Roman version of the gospel were persecuted, sometimes to the death, and their writings and testimonies were destroyed.

If you have been born, or baptized, into the body of Christ by the holy Spirit, God is your Father (because the Spirit is from Him), and Jesus is your Master (because he is the head of the body). If you are in Christianity, Satan is your father (because Christianity is of him) and the Pope is your master (because he is the head of Christianity). Knowing that helps us understand why the Spirit is so earnestly calling to the children of God, "Come out of her My people!" Christianity is an unholy mixture, where carnal men rule over God's saints. It is an ungodly place of incomparable confusion and false claims. That is why I am NOT a Christian.

You have noticed that in our time there is much skepticism about the power of God and the return of Jesus. But then, how can anyone not be skeptical about the gospel of Jesus if he associates the name of Jesus with the religion of Christianity? In the light of Christianity’s wretched, cruel history and its multitude of clearly false doctrines, the wonder is not that there are skeptics, but that there are so many people who still want to be Christians!


Let me encourage you, my brother or sister, to resist the temptation to fall in love with the mere pursuit of truth; rather, let the possession of truth be your sincere desire. Every Christian everywhere, indeed even the world, will hold you in high esteem as long as all you do is pursue what is holy. Everyone admires the man who constantly seeks the ways of God. But the world (including Christianity) will turn away from you in disgust if you ever find God's way and love it. All religions on earth are basically nothing but showy PURSUITS of righteousness, with no EXPERIENCE of coming to the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus. That, too, is why I am a servant of Christ Jesus instead of a Christian. Be willing not only to seek God but to find Him, not only to ask for the right way but to follow the Spirit into it, not only to praise God but to have Him praise you (cp. Rom. 2:29), not only to worship God but to worship Him acceptably.

This testimony leaves much unsaid, but I am not the one who will open your heart to it, anyway. I am just an echo of a much sweeter voice, the tender voice of Jesus, the great shepherd. Please search it out. And may God bless you as you do so.

Your non-Christian servant of Jesus,
John David Clark, Sr.

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