Testimonies of those who have heard God's call to "Come out of Christianity!"

Read the testimonies of the people at Pastor John's House whom God has spoken to through the call of the Spirit to "Come out of her my people", and who have been blessed by obeying that precious call to come out of the religion men call "Christianity" where Jesus sets them free to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Perhaps you are hearing that voice too? Read these precious testimonies, and obey God!

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Why I am Not a Christian"

  John D. Clark, Sr.
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I found a "ray" of hope!"

  Ray Lawson
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How the Truth Found ME!"

  Gary Savelli
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Mine is a story of God."

  Darren Prater
Click to Read Darren Prater's Testimony

God touched me in the Outback!"

  Damien Callaghan
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God used my dream to reach me."

  Jim Gregory
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God led us out, and we found our Pastor!"

  Bess Sellers
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What God has done in my life."

  Randall Williams
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My testimony of God calling me out."

  Sarah Hicks
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I received the holy Ghost on my bed!"

  Jim Kirk
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He brought me out."

  Donna Nelson
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Beyond the gates of Christianity."

  Tom Traughber
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I heard the word 'Sweps-on-ville' "

 Jenny Holstein
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What are you still doing here?"

   Doris Williams
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Coming out of her..."

  Earl Pittman
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