Bess Sellers

"God led us out and we found our Pastor."

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In August, 1985, Tim and I met. We both were burned out from sin and were looking for something to help us survive this world. I had a relative who was in The Way International, and he told us that we needed to be filled with the holy Ghost; he told us the Spirit would give us the strength to live. So the 3rd week in October, Tim received the baptism of the holy Ghost first. Then, a few days afterward, I received it, too. We were married a few months later.

We spent our time reading and praying, wanting to know God. We wanted to find God's truth. After about seven years of being with this group (the Way International), we started finding out from my relative that some of the leaders of the organization had secret sins, things we had no idea about because we had spent our time trying to do what was right. It hurt to find out that we had been deceived, but it made us cry out to God more than ever. I remember sitting in our little living room on Colonial Avenue in Greensboro crying and praying, and out came the question: “Are we ever going to find anybody who is living right?” Tim was standing at our front door, just staring outside, when the Spirit spoke to him and Tim answered me, “They’re out there. We just haven’t found them yet.”

God knew we were hungering for Him, and He took us on a journey that led us out of Christianity and to the truth. He led us to you, our pastor. He knew we needed a true pastor who would care for us and teach us the way of Jesus. God is so very good!

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