Barbara Clark

"Healed as a child."

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The first time I ever felt the power of God was through healing in my little 7 year old body. It was on a very hot afternoon in an unair-conditioned second floor classroom that I began to feel sick from heat exhaustion. After struggling to do worksheets at my desk, feeling weak and dizzy, I can still remember how it felt to hear my second grade teacher telling our section of the room to "line up" for playtime outside. My heart sank and as I stood obediently, I prayed something like "Lord, I am so sick that I'll faint if I go out onto that hot playground so will you please help me?"

Suddenly, all these little cool tingles went all over my body and as I walked to the classroom door the tingles continued until I was healed and refreshed. I knew it was Him and that He cared about the prayer of a little girl like me. I played and played outside in the hot sun that day and never felt hot or sick again, and it made me marvel! When the power of God hits your body like that it changes you. It put knowledge in me that God is real and it put love in me for Him.

There have been other times of healing in my life that are so sweet. Once I had a terrible eye infection so when I asked the Lord to help, I heard Him say to me the word, "Cry." Then, after telling Him that it would be hard to just make myself truly cry, He spoke again and said, "Pray until you cry." Well, I started out praying for people that I love, and it took some time, but then the love God has for His people hit me so hard that tears were flowing freely and then I couldn't stop crying! Those tears from God washed all the infection out of my eyes. I was healed! What a good God!

Also, I will never forget the sadness I felt when, as a first time young nursing mother, I developed mastitis. The Doctor told me not to nurse for a while, so it didn't take long before the pain and fever became unbearable, and again, I cried to Jesus for help. Nothing happened immediately which almost caused me to stay home from the Sunday prayer meeting I wanted so badly to attend. I am so thankful I went because as we all sang hymns that same tingling power of God flowed through my breast with instant healing and relief. The mastitis was gone!

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