Healing Testimonies in the Lives Of People at Pastor John's House

Read the wonderful healing testimonies of the people at Pastor John's House whom God has delivered from disease, injury, and affliction.

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Healed of a hernia"

  Lou Finch
Click to Read Lou Finch's Testimony

Healed of anxiety"

  Jim Kirk
Click to Read Jim Kirk's Testimony

Healed of a blood clot"

  Bess Sellers
Click to Read Bess Sellers' Testimony

Healed of an injured back."

  Token Embry
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Healed of foot diseases"

  Billy Mellick
Click to Read Billy Mellick's Testimony

My shoulder was healed."

  Darren Prater
Click to Read Darren Prater's Testimony

Healed of muscle trauma."

  Billy Highfill
Click to Read Billy Highfill's Testimony

Healed of shoulder pain."

  Tracey Hinnant
Click to Read Tracey Hinnant's Testimony

My shoulder was healed in an instant."

  Rob Nelson
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I had cancer, but God is BIG!"

  Lou Finch
Click to Read Lou Finch's Testimony

Grandaughter's heart healed."

  Sandy Sasser
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My mother's healing."

  Ethel Briley
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Healed of kidney stone pain' "

 Kathy Tuck
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My hip was healed."

   Margaret Gouveia
Click to Margaret Gouveia's Testimony

My journey with Jesus."

 Jim Kirk
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Healed of prostate cancer."

   Randall Williams
Click to Randall Williams' Testimony

Healed of acid reflux"

 Tim Sellers
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Healed of skin cancer and more."

   Debbie Tolle
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My son was healed of an eye injury."

 Donna Nelson
Click to Read Donna Nelson's Testimony

Healed of hip pain."

   Rebekah Clark
Click to Rebekah Clark's Testimony

You shall live and not die."

 Earl Pittman
Click to Earl Pittman's Testimony

Healed of childhood illness."

   Sandy Sasser
Click to Sandy Sasser's Testimony

Healed as a child."

 Barbara Clark
Click to Read Barbara Clark's Testimony

God healed me."

   Betty Pittman
Click to Betty Pittman's Testimony

Healed of throat and ear illness."

  Token Embry
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Healed of shoulder injury."

   Lou Finch
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Jesus heals my knee injury."

  Stuart Hiser
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Healed of carpal tunnel syndrome."

  Gary Savelli
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