Betty Pittman

"God healed me!"

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After the birth of my child, I started having a lot of female trouble. I was constantly at the doctor's office for treatments and medicines to help clear up my infection. It would work for awhile, but if the doctor let me go for one year without a check-up, I had to start the whole process over again. After the second and third sessions of this, my nerves were very much on edge. I would wake up sometimes at nights vomiting, sweating, and shaking and had lost about 20 pounds.

It was time again for my yearly check-up and after the examination, my doctor told me that the infection had come back and the only thing left to do was have surgery. Well, I was young and afraid. I didn't know anyone at the hospital and the thoughts of having surgery just frightened me to death. But because Christmas was just a few days away, he said I could wait until the holidays were over, but I had to come back right after the New Year.

I still remember the feelings coming home from the doctor's office that day. I was crying and very much afraid. I didn't know what was wrong for this to keep happening to me, and what they might find when they operated. My husband was at work when I got home so I couldn't tell him the news. I ran straight up stairs to my bedroom and fell on my knees and started telling Jesus how afraid I was. A few minutes later I felt a warm feeling starting at the top of my head and it ran down my whole body. I quit crying and started smiling. I felt like the biggest weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I knew Jesus had healed me. I knew it with all my heart. I ran to my Pastor's home, who lived next door, and I told him, "God has healed me, He has healed me." And then I told him what had happened. I can still hear him say, "that's good, Betty honey, but I still want you to go back to the doctor." I didn't dispute him for I knew his heart and he always wanted to confirm with the doctor what God had done. I realized later it made for a more wonderful testimony than just me saying it happened.

After the new year, I went back for my check-up. There I was sitting in the lobby waiting for them to call me back. I was smiling. I couldn't wait to tell them what God had done. The nurse comes to the lobby and calls my name. As soon as I got up to her, I said, "You can examine me but you won't find anything wrong, God healed me." She just smiled and walked me on back to my room and gets me ready for the doctor to examine me. Then he comes in and as soon as he walked through the door, I said, "You can check me but you won't find anything wrong, God has healed me." He smiled as he went on to do his exam. When he checked me he said, "Look Linda, I can't believe this is the same girl who came in here two weeks ago!" She also looked and was very much surprised. We were all excited. I said to them, "I told you you wouldn't find anything."

Well, he sent me on my way and I kept my regular check-ups with him and to this day I have never had that problem again. I also found out later that during all those trips to the doctor's office, he had been doing tests for cancer and they all came back with negative stamped on the slips. That was nearly forty years ago. It could have been a lot different but Jesus touched me and healed me. I have been allowed to watch my daughter grow up and be the sweet person she is. She loves Jesus and is filled with his precious holy Ghost, just like her mother and father. What a wonderful God.

Betty B. Pittman

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