Debbie Tolle

"Healed of skin cancer, ingrown toenail, and back pain."

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My first healing experience was when Jesus healed my ingrown toenail. It was 1974, I was expecting my first child, and seeking the holy Ghost. I had been married two years, and had trouble with my toenail often. I did not go to a doctor, and the way my toenail got “fixed” was for my husband to take a small, sharp pocketknife and cut down the side of the toenail, dig out the ingrown part with the knife, and then pull it out with tweezers. It was very painful, and I dreaded when the next time would come for my husband to “fix” my toe.

I was alone one day in my small mobile home I lived in, praying for the baptism of the holy Ghost. I remember timidly asking Jesus to fix my toenail. I had heard on the radio about healings, had seen Brother Oral Roberts on television, but knew no one who had been healed. As I was praying, a warmth started at the top of my head, ran all the way down my body, out my toe, and back up. I could feel the warmth go through my toes, back up my legs, even tingling through my fingers as it went back up. My toe was instantly healed, and I have never had another ingrown toenail. That was 35 years ago.

A couple of weeks after my toe was healed, I received the baptism of the holy Ghost with stammering lips. It was a little while later before I fully spoke in tongues. Jesus also healed two Actinic Keratosis spots for me. This is a pre-malignant skin condition, which has a high conversion rate for becoming skin cancer. I have fair skin, and have used sunscreen since my first visit to a dermatologist in the 70's. Late summer of 2008, I had a really bad spot on my nose. My regular dermatologist appointment was scheduled for January of 2009, but the spot was bad enough that I made an unscheduled appointment, and it took about a month to get one. I’ve had several of these spots and they don’t just go away, but before the month was over, this one was gone. The skin on my nose was smooth as could be. I cancelled that appointment, but kept the one in January and told my dermatologist about it. He looked at me funny, and said, “Well, I guess an actinic keratosis could go away.” Then he paused, looked at me, and said, “But not on you.” But it was gone! I had a similar spot on my hand, and it too was healed during this same time period, completely gone, can’t even find where it was.

I have had back pain that has given me trouble when I bend, kneel, or stand for long periods of time. December of 2008, I was at the home of a sister who was in spiritual trouble. Pastor John was also there, encouraging her. The presence of God, the anointing of God, came on Pastor John and filled the room. It was glorious, the most memorable event ever for me. There was such power, greatness, gentleness, such an entreating from God for this sister that lasted almost two hours. During that time, I stood in one spot, without moving a muscle and had no thought of back pain. And after that day, the back pain has never been as severe as it was before. I thank Jesus for these touches. He has been so good to me.

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