Lou Finch

"God healed me of a hernia!"

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I hadn’t been coming to the prayer meetings but a few months when Jesus did a wonderful thing for me. Some months prior, I had been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia, which caused a lot of discomfort to my chest, stomach and throat. The doctors put me on some strong medications to relieve it, but nothing helped. It continued to hurt and cause me great pain. Shortly after that, I started attending home prayer meetings where people believed in the healing powers of Jesus. I heard testimonies of how Jesus had healed them. One man there had been healed of cancer, when the doctors had given him only 90 days to live. He lived 37 years after that. I knew Jesus had done that for them because of the great faith they had in him. These are the kind of testimonies I heard when I first started coming to the meetings, and it built my faith in Jesus as I heard them.

I was attending one of these meetings one night and when it was almost over, Preacher Clark (George C.) stood up and asked, “Does anyone need a healing tonight?” I immediately stood up and said, “I do.” Preacher Clark laid his hands on my head and started praying for my healing, when all of a sudden I felt something in my throat pass down through my body and exit out of my toes. It was one of the most wonderful experiences I had ever felt in my life, and I knew my hernia was gone. To this day, 24 years later it is still gone. Praise God!!!!!!!

I learned that night about the healing powers of Jesus for myself, and hearing those old saints’ testimonies is what helped me because I saw what Jesus had done for them. I still attend those prayer meetings and still see the wonderful things Jesus is doing. He is real and he can heal!!!!!!

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