Lou Finch

"Healed of a shoulder injury."

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For about three weeks, I was having pain in my left shoulder area. So much pain, that it was running into my neck and down my arm into my fingers. It got so bad that I couldn’t raise it to turn my arm very high without it hurting.

I took a beach trip with my brothers and sisters in the Lord, and one day while out on the beach, I showed my arm to one of my sisters (Betty Pittman) and Pastor John. I told them how much I was hurting, and Betty looked at it and saw a big knot where it had swollen. As we were leaving the beach, Bob and Ellen Payne asked Debbie and me to come and eat some fish with them that Bob had caught earlier in the day.

As I was driving over to their house, my arm and shoulder were hurting pretty bad, and I was going to ask for prayer before I left. As I walked in the front door, Rob, Gary, and Donna were standing right in front of me. Rob asked me what was going on with my arm and shoulder. He had heard earlier how bad it was hurting me. Well, as I began to tell them about the pain, those three reached out and began to pray for my shoulder and arm. Then, everyone began praying. Oh, could you feel the power of God in that room!

All of a sudden, I raised both my hands over my head and started praising God and realized the pain was gone! I turned my arms to the left and to the right, and raised them again, and the pain was absolutely gone. It all happened so quickly that it surprised me, and I kept raising my arms and praising God, pain free. He is a good God!!!!!

Pastor John and some others came in and we were telling them what God had done. It was so sweet. Pastor John reached out and rubbed my arm where the knot had been, and I realized it was gone! I pulled up both sleeves and said, “Look! Look! Oh, thank you, Jesus!!!!!”

I love how God works. I was going to ask for prayer before I left, but God had another plan. He wanted to heal me then and there, at the beginning of my vacation, so I could enjoy being with my brothers and sisters, pain free. I also love how God had everyone in their place when I walked into that room. I love feeling the precious Spirit of God, and I love my family in Jesus. They are the sweetest people in the world. Thank you Jesus for your precious healing power!!!!

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