Billy Highfill

"Healed of muscle trauma."

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My wife and I enjoy growing a garden. I used a front-tine tiller to work the ground which my sister had loaned to me. One day my sister called and said she needed the tiller returned to her so they could dig the foundation of their new house which they were starting to build.

When she brought the tiller back to me I found out that the wheels had been broken off of it. Being a front-tine tiller, it was essential that the wheels were in place because they are used to balance the machine while the tines are digging. Without the wheels I was forced to hold up the weight of the handlebars and a lot of the engine weight, as well as having to hold back on the tiller while digging because it naturally tried to crawl forward.

That spring I had hired a man to come and plow my garden with his tractor. He was instructed to turn it over and then to disk it so it would be ready for spring planting. However, he sent his dad to plow it and his dad only turned it over. I thought he was going to return and finish the job but he never did. Due to a lack of rain that spring I was stuck with a field that was turned over and dried hard.

I went out and started tilling it but it was very difficult because the tiller would bounce on the hard ground and try to go forward rather than digging down in a certain spot. While tilling, my bicep muscles started to get exhausted and then started to hurt because of the constant strain of forcing the tiller to do what I wanted it to do. I managed to till approximately half the garden and then had to quit because of the pain in my arms was just too much.

I decided to take a break thinking the pain would go away after I rested. Apparently I had pushed myself too far because the pain in my arms didn’t subside. My arms felt like they were on fire. After what seemed to be ten or fifteen minutes with no relief from the pain I started to pray. I told God I needed his help because I needed to get this job done and without his help it would be impossible.

Suddenly, I felt a warmth go through my bicep muscles and as the warmth went through it pushed the pain out. My muscles didn’t hurt anymore. I moved my arms around and there was no sign of pain.

I went back to tilling and finished the whole garden and my arms never hurt or got tired again from it.

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