Jim Kirk

"God healed me of anxiety."

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I would like to share with people about a healing I have experienced from the Lord.

For many years I have suffered from a low level of anxiety. Many mornings, I would wake up with a feeling of uneasiness and apprehension, worried about how the day was going to turn out. I worried about my patients and their healing process. I had anxiety over financial matters. I was always wondering when the "next shoe was going to drop." For years I thought that if I enjoyed myself too much that somehow I would ultimately suffer for it. Often, on beautiful, sunny days when everything was going well, I would feel as if a dark cloud was hanging over my head. This many times would create a very unhealthy antisocial attitude that could last for days. This has mainly resulted from my wanting to always be in control. I must say that it has not been easy for my wife Diane who has lived with me for 39 years.

A few years ago, I consulted my physician about the matter and he treated me with some medication which seemed to help. However, I felt I was letting the Lord down by not having enough faith, so I decided to consult a "Greater" physician. I stopped taking the medication after a brief time and began crying out to Jesus for healing. For several years now, I have been praying that Jesus would rescue me from this burden. Pastor John and my family also have been faithful in their prayers for me.

About two weeks ago, Jesus finally granted my request. He showed me the total picture. It was not a visual thing, but one of "feeling". The feeling was one of peace and comfort in the holy Ghost and of trusting in the Lord. It was a feeling that was eternal, not something that was going to be here one day and gone the next. It covered me like a warm blanket that went deep into my soul. It felt PERMANENT. I always had known that I would be relieved of this nemesis when after the resurrection, when Jesus would come take me to be with him forever, but he gave me the faith to believe that I could be healed here, and now.

This doesn't mean I won't have anymore trials. But I can now face the days ahead with peace, knowing Jesus is there to carrying my burdens. With man, things are impossible. But with God, all things are possible. He is in control now. What a wonderful God we serve. I thank Him for His mercy on me.

I would encourage all who suffer from anxiety to seek the Lord daily. Ask Him for healing. Don't be shy. He is a merciful, loving God. It is His good pleasure to relieve you of your burdens. Ask Him what His will is for you, then do it. Healing will come with a repentant heart. If there is sin in your life, ask Him for strength to get rid of it. Peace and comfort will follow and so will the healing. It's His desire that we LIVE and not be burdened down with infirmities. Seek Him, however, with patience because His timing is always right. What a GOOD God!!! Amen.

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