Darren Prater

"My shoulder was healed."

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In the Fall of 2008, my shoulder was healed by the Lord. I was part of a large group of saints that had gathered together on the Saturday evening after Thanksgiving. The Lord had given me a song to sing that night called “Heart of Gold”, and I knew there was healing in that song if I would sing it, and I testified to that fact. I said that I believed there was healing in that song for anyone who wanted it. I remember thinking of different ones who needed healing as I went on to play and sing that song, and it left me with such a wonderful feeling inside. The meeting continued on, and I remember feeling the Spirit of God very near and very strong that night.

Afterward, I packed up my guitars and proceeded to put my jacket on. I remember my shoulder hurting very badly as I put my arm into the sleeve of my jacket. It had been hurting for the past several months. I guess I was so used to it hurting that I didn't really think about myself needing a healing from Jesus. I went on home and climbed into bed and I remember having a very restful sleep that night. Normally, that shoulder would have given me at least some discomfort during the night.

In the morning, I got up out of bed and grabbed a sweatshirt to put on. I pulled it over my head, and put my left arm in the sleeve like I would normally do. I forgot about babying my right arm and put it into the sleeve and pushed it up into the air as I pulled the sleeve over my arm like there was nothing ever wrong with it. I was amazed that I didn't have any pain at all. I knew immediately what had happened. Jesus had healed me during the night.

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