Rebekah Clark

"Healed of hip pain!"

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I am so excited!! Today is September 5, 2009, and I feel like God really touched me. I wanted to tell about it!

The day that two of my friends, Wendy and Jamie, came (on Saturday) to visit me, my right hip started randomly shooting with pain. I never remember doing anything to hurt it. It wasn't too frequent at first, and I thought it was related to my sciatic nerve, so I did all the exercises/stretches I knew to help that, which usually works. But, it only got worse. When we took a trip and drove up to San Francisco and then came down the Pacific Coast Hwy on Mon/Tues, I had to drive with my left foot because I couldn't push the gas pedal, and I drove with my right leg up to ease the pain. On Tuesday night, I bought Tylenol just so I could sleep. On Wednesday, I was keeping 1000mg of it in my system just so I could walk.

They left Thursday morning, and by then I knew it wasn't my sciatic nerve, so I rested all day on my side and off my right hip. But, it kept getting worse! I couldn't fall asleep that night until the new dose of medicine kicked in, and I still had some pain with that. That night before bed, I realized that there was a option for horseback riding at this ranch I was going to for my work retreat. I really wanted to ride, and I really wanted to stop having this pain!!

Yesterday (Friday), I left for my retreat and I had bad pain all the way there and all that day during training. The pain had gone from occasionally to frequently to consistent. I couldn't sit, stand, or walk without pain. I switched to prescription ibuprofen in case something had become inflamed, and even that wasn't working. The pain was deep inside my hip, and I have no idea what it was. That night, we got into small groups to pray for one another, which is usually somewhat awkward for me, since it's kinda formal prayer. But, I really needed prayer, and so I told them about my hip and they prayed for it. Also, I asked Mama to ask folks to pray for my hip because I didn't have easy email access. It was really bad!

I wanted God to take away the pain for obvious reasons, including the medical costs I knew it would take to find out what was wrong. But also... I haven't ridden in years, and I really, really wanted to ride. Last night before I fell asleep, I kept praying that somehow I would be able to ride in the morning, although I knew I couldn't/shouldn't in my condition. I thought about all the people God has touched recently! Uncle Rob's shoulder, etc etc. This morning, I woke up with NO PAIN! I had a GREAT ride, and I was able to gallop twice!! It was sooooo fun. :) But, more than that, I have had almost NO symptoms all day!! I even caught myself running over to another cabin earlier today and then realized that I was running! With no pain at all!

I know that God touched me, because I had been in increasing pain for 6 straight days. I know that it did not just happen to disappear completely the morning that I really needed it to. I'm glad I know that! And I really, really appreciate Him touching me!! My hip feels a little weak after a full day of activity (riding, swimming, walking, car riding); but I know He can keep it from getting bad again! Thank you to everyone who knew about the situation and prayed for me!!

Update: It has been 3 days now and still no pain! Also, I wanted to add that Mama told me that on Saturday morning (EST), Gary had sung "Here Comes Jesus" and there was a feeling of healing and faith in the room, so she had stood in for me. The special part about it is that "Here Comes Jesus" is MY song. :) It's the song that he was singing in 2002 when I received the Spirit. I love the way God works. :)

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