Rob Nelson

"Healed of shoulder pain in an instant!"

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Over the past six months, I had noticed (at age 47) that my left shoulder would hurt anytime I raised my arm. I assumed that since I played many years of baseball in my youth, that this rotator cuff pain was going to be something that I would have to live with, or I would need to have surgery to repair the damage. Prior to this shoulder pain, I had always been blessed with good health.

One evening in early 2009, I went to play tennis with my 17 yr. old son, and I could not serve the tennis ball. All I could do was hit forehand shots and a few of those caused pain also. It was an odd feeling to be getting older and have this shoulder pain all the time.

During the July 4th holiday, many of us would gather to play our annual softball game every year. I always enjoyed the fun and fellowship, but this year (2009) was different. I tried to play 2nd base and I could not throw the ball to 1st base. I moved over to play 1st base and all of my throws back to the pitcher had to be underhand. Wow, I could not even toss the ball back to the pitcher! The pain was so bad that I did not want to try.

My Pastor just had rotator cuff surgery a few months earlier, and I had been observing his recovery. Rotator cuff surgery is neither a simple surgery, nor a quick recovery. My wife mentioned to me (a few times) that maybe I should go on to the doctor and at least let them take some x-rays to see how bad the damage was. Every time, I would tell her that I was going to watch, wait and pray about it. Deep down inside, I was pretty sure that I was just going to live with this shoulder pain.

All of a sudden, during the last week of July, I started having a new additional pain. This new pain was up under my left shoulder blade. It felt like a pinched nerve and a full time muscle cramp, and at times the pain would shoot so strong that it would take my breath away. I could not sleep in my bed or in the recliner. It was to the point that my wife was trying to help position my shoulder just so I could get a few hours of sleep at night. This new pain was so bad that I completely forgot about my rotator cuff pain.

I went to our home prayer meeting on Wednesday, August 5th in pain and physically tired. The meeting was wonderful, but I could feel the constant, cramped muscle pain in my back shoulder blade area. The meeting ended and I thought to myself, “I know Jesus can heal me of this shoulder blade pain if I can have Pastor John and the group pray for me”. The meeting was over, but when I looked across the room I saw Pastor John go over to Sister Debbie to pray for her hand. She had just had surgery and was still in pain. I immediately went over to help pray for her.

As soon as Pastor John stood up and turned around, I ask him to please pray for my left shoulder blade area. I was desperate for a healing from Jesus. As soon as he laid hands on me, I felt very sweet peaceful feelings running all through me. When I stood up straight the pinched nerve/muscle cramps in my left shoulder blade area were healed. It took my breath away as to how quickly Jesus healed! All I could do was stand very still and soak in the experience and the feelings. I am still amazed at how Jesus healed my left shoulder in an instant!

We had our vacation at the beach the very next week. On Monday, my 17 yr. old son was trying to line up a doubles tennis match. Without even thinking, I told him “I’ll go!” We headed to the tennis court and started to play. During the tennis game where I was serving, I realized that Jesus had healed my rotator cuff pain also! I was able to do a full overhand serve with no pain! I had gone up for prayer for my shoulder blade pains, but Jesus had healed all of my left shoulder pains. I played four sets of tennis that day with no pain and I spent much of that time thanking Jesus for the healing. My upper body feels brand new at age 47!

I have since played more sets of tennis with no pain, but most importantly, I have been able to share my healing testimony. Most everyday I spend a few moments raising my hands to the Lord and thanking Him. I love to raise my hands now, more than ever. Our God is a healer!

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