Randall Williams

"Healed of prostate cancer."

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In January 2001, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The biopsy showed the cancer had advanced to a stage 7 on the Gleason scale where there was a 40% to 50% chance the cancer had spread to somewhere else in my body. These cancer cells usually lie dormant somewhere else in the body for several years before starting to grow again after prostate surgery. The doctors wanted to operate right away. I had prostate cancer surgery February 26, 2001. Between January and the end of February there were a lot of prayers for me by Pastor John, my brothers and sister in the meetings, my natural family, my wife and I and a host of other people.

After my surgery, Doris and I went for my follow up visit. The doctor was reading the Pathology Report and he kept talking to himself saying and repeating out loud "this rarely ever happens, this rarely ever happens." Doris and I looked at each other, thinking,"Oh my! What is wrong now?" Then Dr. Pruthi turned to us and started to explain what he was talking about. He said the initial biopsy sometimes gets a sample of the worst cancer and sometimes it misses the worst cancer, and the Pathologist Report usually shows the cancer in a more advanced stage than the biopsy report showed.

He went on to say that in my case the Pathology Report showed the cancer was in a stage 6 on the Gleason scale, which meant the cancer had gotten better and that receiving this on a report rarely ever happened. He also said that a 6 on the Gleason scale meant that there was less than a 10% chance the cancer had spread to somewhere else in my body. After 3 years of follow-ups, he told me he did not need to see me anymore that I was cancer free. It has been 8 years and I have a PSA test every year, and the results are always less than zero.

Cancer does not get better on its own. Jesus heard the prayers and answered them. Only he can heal cancer and make the results better than expected. Praise God!

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