Gary Savelli

"Jesus healed me of carpal tunnel syndrome."

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My work for the past 20 years has involved very intensive computer usage. I am on the computer for more than 10 hours a day, I suppose.

Over a period of time, my right wrist developed severe carpal tunnel syndrome, and I had limited use of that hand. It was so bad near the end (in the year 2006 or so), that I could not hold a bar of soap in my hand, or do very simple tasks that involved using a closing of the hand and thumb, or turning my wrist a certain way.

I tried everything from wrist bands, to heat, to cold, to massage.... nothing would bring real relief. This went on for a year or more. I was forced to re-learn how to use my computer mouse with my left hand just to make a living. I contemplated surgery, but was hesitant, because people I knew who had surgery for carpal tunnel had little to show for it. I prayed for healing, but no answer came.

Around this time, some of the saints here were talking about brother Ernest Angley and his healing ministry. There was a spirit of encouragement concerning him, and folks were watching videos, TV programs, reading books, and such. I didn't know too much about Ernest Angley, so I went to his web site to find out more. I was very discouraged when I read the "teaching" and other "doctrine" on his web site, which was obviously wrong (as it always is with ministers who remain inside the religion of "Christianity").

I wrote a critical email concerning brother Angley's doctrine to pastor John. Pastor John emailed me right back, and cautioned me about speaking against any man whom God is using. Pastor John was led by the Spirit to do so, because this had been an "attitude" problem of mine that Jesus has wanted to fix in me. Little did I know at the time that God would eventually use this situation to "heal" me in more ways than one!

After I got pastor John's email back, I could feel that I had grieved the Spirit. Also, I felt a "separation" of fellowship with the other saints here. That was a very bad feeling. I was "out of the flow", and I saw that I had sinned against a brother who had done me no harm (brother Angley). I felt horrible. How could I make this right? It was very heavy on me for several days.

I prayed earnestly about it. But I received no relief and no answer.... I could not get to brother Angley to repent or tell him I was sorry. I tried sending emails, but I knew he did not get them. My soul was troubled. I could not repent, even though I wanted to.

After several days of this, late one night I went again to brother Angley's website. I pulled up a picture of him, and I was talking to him (really, to Jesus!) I apologized to his picture for my attitude towards him.

This time, I could feel that the sincerity in what I wanted to make right could be "felt". Felt by my Lord. I was weeping - I wanted things to be right. I saw a link on the computer screen that said, "click here if you want Bro. Angley to pray the prayer of healing for you." That was it. I knew that Jesus would forgive me, if I would humble myself, and that I would be healed of my sin. I went to the short video, and clicked on it. Bro. Angley came to the screen, and said that he was going to pray the prayer of faith. And that if we would touch the computer screen, healing would come. I touched the computer screen (not realizing at the time that I was touching it with my injured-wrist right hand), and bro. Angley began to pray.

As he prayed on the computer, the power of God surged through my arm and down my body like lightning. He said, "heal, heal, HEAL", and when he said those words, it almost knocked me off my chair. When he was done praying, I believed I HAD been healed - healed and forgiven of my attitude against him, and humbled... my repentance accepted by Jesus. That was the healing I came for. (Here is a link to the video page of brother Angley's that I went to:

The next day, I went to do something and I hesitated with a wince (in advance), because of how it would make my wrist feel in past times, but I was surprised because there was little to NO pain. Immediately, I remembered praying with brother Angley the night before - God brought it to my mind. But I did not ask for physical healing that night, so I had not been "expecting" that. But I knew it was a direct result of that prayer. I moved my wrist, and it was about 95% well, just a slight feeling of the old carpal tunnel in extreme movements. I did not tell anyone right away, because I wanted to be sure. Over the next couple of days, I could see that it WAS healed 100%, I had NO pain, and still have NO carpal tunnel in my wrist, to this day. It was healed by the prayer of faith. Jesus is a healer, and he uses his servants. I told this testimony then, and have told it many times since then. Jesus healed me, and he did it instantly.

The lesson I learned from this is to be very slow to speak about any man God is using. They have been anointed, and we never want to lift a hand against God's anointed, especially a brother who has never done us harm. We can trust leaving their "doctrine" to Jesus. We don't have to agree with it, but let's stay in the flow of the Spirit and encourage what IS right, love what God does, and God will be satisfied.

I didn't plan on this, but as I am writing my testimony, I feel the love of God, and the power of the Spirit, flowing on me for healing - Jesus wants to give YOU a miracle touch too. A healing you have been wanting and praying for. I especially feel that you have been asking God to overcome a particular sin or weakness, and to be restored and forgiven, and given strength. Believe Jesus and he will "surprise" you with his touch today. And he may add the healing of another physical affliction as He did for me. It's real. He did it for me.

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