Bess Sellers

"Healed of a blood clot."

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Our first-born son, Jeremiah, was born on November 10, 1995, and I will never forget the feeling of holding him for the first time in my arms. We had waited for him to come along for many years.

The day after he was born, I started to have a lot of swelling in both my legs, along with pain and tenderness in my right calf muscle. My sister, who was my doctor and had delivered Jeremiah, told me she felt I may be developing a blood clot in my right leg. She was concerned and felt the need to keep a close watch on it.

That afternoon I had turned on the television and had come across the 700 Club program. I watched for a few minutes and heard Pat Robertson start to pray for different ones. As I listened to him praying, he opened his eyes and started to name different conditions people were being healed from. He said that there was a young lady who had been told she was developing a blood clot in her right calf and that God was healing it now. I could hardly take it in that he was mentioning the very condition I had just been talking to Jesus about, but I believed Jesus had heard my prayer for help and healing, and he was sending the answer!

The next morning when I woke up all the swelling, pain, and tenderness were gone from my legs! I never had any of those symptoms return, either. Jesus had touched me and I felt very grateful for his mercy to answer my prayer.

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