Kathy Tuck

"Healed of kidney stone pain."

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My name is Kathy and I would like to share with others when Jesus touched me and took the pain I was having in my side and back.

We all went to Kentucky the week of July 4th. We had a wonderful time gathering and there was a pouring out of the holy ghost on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Jesus' power was there. It was wonderful seeing Jesus touching the young people and the old. This was so good that I cannot even put in words all the feelings that I was having. And, seeing the Spirit move like that on all the young people. It was beautiful. I am so thankful Jesus let me be there with you all.

Well, it was Monday morning, we had started out on the way home and about ten minutes down the road a pain hit me in my side. Well, I thought maybe it was where I had slept on the couch but the pain just got worse. It was taking my breath. Well, I knew I was having an attack of kidney stones.

I was hurting so bad I was trying to pray and ask Jesus to help me. So, while I was in the back seat trying to get in a position to sit still, the pain just got worse, by then I was crying. Sister Debbie, that was in the car, called and told Sister Amy how bad I was hurting and the saints started praying for me. I took my blanket and covered my head and I started talking to Jesus. I just closed my eyes and pictured what we all had seen over the two days in our gathering and THE SPIRIT CAME IN MY CAR AND I STOPPED HURTING! PRAISE GOD FOR MY FAMILY THAT THEY FELT MY PAIN.

I was so thankful that when you are hurting so bad that you cannot even pray that the saints of God can reach Jesus for us.


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