Kaylie Payne

"Letting Things Go!"

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I woke up one morning around three. I couldn’t sleep so I went and got on the couch. As I was lying there, I began talking to Jesus about some feelings I had been having.

While I was lying there I began to feel like something was lying on my chest, and I was telling Jesus I don’t like the heavy feeling. Then I started to feel the spirit so strong on me! The feeling in my chest left. After that happened I began to talk to Jesus again. I told him that we have this golden chance. Then I began to have all these feelings, which spilled into this poem:

Our Chance

Here it is
Our time for things to go
Our time for things to flow
Oh what a chance Jesus is giving
To you and to me
It’s up to us
What will you do?
Are you letting things leave?
Are you digging your well deep?
Deep for Jesus to fill?
Are you feeling this?
Letting it sink deep?
Deep down in your soul
Jesus is loving us
Letting us LIVE
Jesus isn’t hard he never was
It’s our time
Our time to shine
Jesus has his polish ready
Are you willing?
Ready for Jesus to love you?
Oh Jesus is our best friend
Let Jesus love you
Oh what a great father we have
A father so true
So, what are you doing with your chance?
Jesus is ready

After I got that on paper, I started thinking about the things I had written down. I remembered what Aunt Jammie had said about being on "the elite team". Jesus has given out his invitations, but some people aren’t accepting them.

While I was having that thought, I had a vision of some older people in the Lord who have done foolishly and fallen away from Jesus. They were wringing their hands and pulling their hair. And I heard Jesus say, “YOU FOOLS!!“ As he was saying that, I could feel this laughter rise up. It was the scariest laugh I have ever heard. The older people in the vision had realized that they had thrown their chance away. It scared me. I began praying, "Oh Jesus I don’t want to be a fool and give up my chance."

Once again I began talking to Jesus. I told him that I didn’t want to be afraid. I felt a sweetness come down over me. It was like Jesus was putting out his hand and saying, “We can fall in love.”

Another vision came. This one was of a wide open space. It was endless and white. It was just Jesus and I. He was saying, “I can twirl you….we can fly!” It was so sweet! Jesus is ready for every evil thing to be gone from our lives so that we can be happy and be free in the spirit.

Jesus is giving us a choice. I am learning that if something comes between Jesus and me, it just needs to go. I had been going through some things and was like, "Why did I ever keep this stuff? That’s just what it is, stuff." It’s the same in the Lord; we hold on to needless junk.

I don’t want these feeling to leave. I want to do something with my invitation. I want to learn to do my part. We have a wonderful father.

Oh Jesus let us take all this in!

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