Youth Testimonies from the Children and Young People at Pastor John's House.

Read the testimonies of the young people at Pastor John's House. Young people have feelings, experiences, and blessings that they love to tell about! Enjoy these youngsters' testimonies below.

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Just open your mouth!"

  Aaron Nelson
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Giving my best!"

  Rebekah Embry
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I received the holy Ghost at age six."

  Anna Drane
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Jesus helped me find my keys!"

  Jonathan Sellers
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Wow! I got the holy Ghost!"

  Jacob Curtsinger
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The night I got the holy Ghost..."

  Stephen Ayscue
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Letting things go!"

  Kaylie Payne
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Thank you God!"

  Token Embry
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Jesus healed my ear!"

  Samantha Caldwell
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I was sick but Pastor John prayed..."

 Samuel Caldwell
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God touched me that night!"

  Jordan Ayscue
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My picture I drew for Pastor John."

  Samantha Caldwell
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