Aaron Nelson

"Just Open Your Mouth!"

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It was November 29, 2004 and it was the last night that we were going to have a meeting with all the people who had come in from Kentucky and other places. I had been praying to receive the holy Ghost for over a half-year, so by this time, I was getting desperate. I felt that I should have received it by then. I felt that I had been doing everything I knew to do. The prayer meeting had been going on for a while with the Spirit falling, and everything was starting to quiet down when the Spirit fell one more time and everyone jumped up and started praising God. Aunt Willie had just said, “Just open your mouth and praise God and He’ll fill it.” It was like she was talking directly to me. My dad was sitting at a table (he was in charge of recording). He knew I had been seeking the holy Ghost and he called me over to him. I went over to him and sat on his lap.

He said, “Remember being on Coach –‘s baseball team?”

I said, “Yes.”

“And remember how hard you had to push yourself while running?” (I had just finished a season of baseball with a coach that pushed his players pretty hard, but it was a good experience all the same)


“Well, getting the holy Ghost isn’t that hard. All you have to do is relax and give into the feelings that God gives you.”

I said, “Ok.”

Everyone was still praising God and Pastor John was standing right in front of me, so, I asked him to pray for me.

These are some of the things he said while praying for me, “Aaron, Jesus wants to be your friend. He will always be pulling for you and not against you.” Several people were singing the song, “Give up”. That song will always be special to me. It went along with everything that I had been hearing that night. My mom, Kathy T., and Jim Gregory were praying for me. Finally, I gave in and started praising Jesus out loud; every time the feeling started to go down I would praise him some more. Finally it came bubbling out and my lips began to stammer. I was so happy and I started really crying and hugging everyone around me. It was the best feeling in the world, and I hope that I never give up the feelings of the Spirit for anything.

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