Our Youth Experienced "The Call" in Nashville, TN

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Young adults need to satisfy their longing to discover truth for themselves. Pastor John encourages parents of young adults to allow them to investigate various teachings, to visit churches, and get to know and to learn to love God's people, regardless of their different traditions.

"The Call", held in Nashville TN, in 2007, provided a golden opportunity for the young adults here to spread their wings in a big way and experience being among God's people, loving them, and feeling the feelings of Jesus for them. The ones who took advantage of my offer to pay for the trip returned from Nashville as changed people, made more like Christ than they had expected."

Pastor John

Young People "Bonding" on the long drive to Nashville, TN!

More Van Time.

Welcome to Nashville.

"The Call" was a life-changing experience for our young people. Few of them had ever seen so many of God's people in one place, and the feelings of these gatherings were overwhelming. All came back with experiences and testimonies that will last a long time.

Rebekah Clark, Testimony: "An Open Letter to Damon Thompson, a Young Minister at 'The Call'", July 11, 2007

Dear Brother Damon:

You spoke at the School of Intercession in Nashville this past Friday, and what I saw, felt, heard and learned during that small window of time was an education for me in discernment. I feel confident in saying that the Spirit of God was more present then than at any other time during TheCall events, even including Saturday (though please understand that this is not meant at all as any disrespect to Lou Engle or anyone else). It is probably not exaggerating to add "by far", and I wonder if you agree or feel that I am in error.

I want to comment on so many of the things that you said in your message, but I won't, not because I don't want to or because they weren't good (they were!), but because I respect that you only have a limited amount of time to give to this.

Let me mention one small thing, though, that touched me before I get to the point of this email. One thing that stood out to me was when you spoke of “godly” versus “good” children, and how we should be instructing and guiding children to understand that they can have their own experiences from God, on their own. That blessed me because we have had that, in the past and again recently, with our children. A couple months ago, many people in our little congregation were over at my house late one evening (my father is pastor, and we have home prayer meetings in our basement), sitting on our front porch and talking about the things of God while the children ran & played in the backyard. Soon after dark, one of the girls (age 10) ran over to get some adults because, she said, "H----'s getting the holy Ghost!!" The children had stopped playing a while before (unknown to us) and had been talking about God when a little girl (age 8) had said, "I want the holy Ghost!" So, the 10-year-old girl, who already had it, said, "Well, we don't need to wait until a meeting, we can have our own meeting -- God is the meeting!" And they began to pray, and the little 8-year-old began to have stammering lips! That's when they ran to get us. It was such a sweet night, outside praying with the children until 10:30 or so. They all were touched by God, crying and praying, and we were, too! It was so wonderful! It really can be like that, if we instruct children in the right way. We have no youth group, no programs, no forms, no ceremonies -- we just teach them about God. It's so simple, and I love it.

Now, I must tell you what happened at the end of your message, and I hope and pray that you will "test the spirit, to see if be from God." First of all, let me explain that I cannot, with a clear conscience, act like something is blessing me and praise God if the Spirit of God inside of me is not saying "Amen." That was one of the toughest parts of this weekend for me, because there were so many times when I felt such pressure to raise my hands like everyone else, scream, do whatever -- but I could not do this because I have been taught to always wait on the Spirit, even if man doesn't like it. It's hard to be standing in the middle of a screaming crowd and stand still; but I know when I feel something, and I know when I don't. So, when I say that the Spirit of God was on you towards the end of your message, it's not a cliche religious statement of flattery with no value. The Spirit of God was on you! And speaking through you... for a moment. I felt the Spirit rising up in me, and I could feel it in the room, and when you said that we needed to divorce Baal and you began to cry out, "Give us the children!", that was not you crying out, that was the Spirit of God through you, and it hit me so strong that the power of God was running all through me. I was there that day with my two younger brothers and my sister-in-law, and I was standing in front of them at this time. When I finally turned around to check on them, my sister in law was crying and praying in tongues, my youngest brother was on his knees with his face on the floor, and my other brother had been knocked backwards by the power of God and was on his back on the floor. Brother Damon, it was there in that room.

But. There is a "but" here, because the reason that we in our little group were so blessed is because we knew what the Spirit was saying through you. Please don't become angry when I say this, and give me a chance to explain; but I must tell you: You didn't. You thought it was about abortion, but it so desperately wasn't! Abortion is a terrible, terrible thing -- It is sin and it is murder, I know. Nevertheless, that was not what God was trying to say on that day. And the moment you turned it into an issue of abortion, the whole feeling in the room changed. I felt the Spirit of God go -- it left so quickly that for a split-second I had to ask myself if I had been mistaken that it was there at the first. The noise level never changed, the praying never changed, the words never changed (except that you inserted "babies" when the Spirit had been saying "children"); but the feeling was altogether different. I lowered my hands down, and thought, "What is happening?" I feel like I am very much still young in the Lord, so I don't understand a lot of things sometimes. All the more reason that I have to rely on the Spirit and those over me in the Lord to help me understand. I turned around to look behind me again, and I saw that my sister-in-law had the same reaction as I did, and my youngest brother had left the room. There was almost in that room a feeling of wild-ness -- and I have to ask you, did you not feel the change? I stepped outside the room, and I was shaking. I called my dad, crying, and told him what happened -- I had to have some help because I couldn't believe what had just happened, some comfort because I was hurting for God's people who did not even notice a difference. He told me that, sadly, this is what happens many times in Pentecostal gatherings because as soon as the Spirit tries to break through with Truth, it is too much and the people can't take it, can't swallow it. He said that he has seen it over and over through the years, and to a much greater degree even.

I want to ask you, and I hope that you will tell me honestly, no matter if you agree or disagree -- how do you feel like that session ended up? What were you feeling? I will tell you what I believe that the Spirit was trying to say through you that day. At one point, you even said it yourself, but you could not understand! You cried out, "You can keep your ceremonies, just give us the children!" Oh, Damon! Baal is not abortionists or drug dealers or even bad internet site builders, although those things are all horrible. Baal is the false religion, the alter-religion that God’s people have married themselves to because it looks so flashy and sounds so good, just like the idols in the lands of and around Canaan -- a substitute religion for the real ways of God. Baal is a communion ceremony instead of real communion with God. Baal is water baptism too, instead of only the ONE baptism that Jesus suffered and died to purchase for us. Baal is choir robes, three-piece suits, flowers next to a podium, mission trips and all that stuff instead of real holiness, real obedience to God. Baal is teaching that the Spirit of God is something that you can get when you repeat a few words and "join the church" instead of real repentance and conversion through the baptism of the holy Ghost. Baal is what I read in the Tennessee papers Sunday morning about how the speakers at TheCall were instructed not to speak in the Spirit (in tongues) because it might offend somebody, and they wanted to maintain "unity." Well, I will tell you, brother, that they can keep that kind of unity, because it's not the kind that made those 120 in one accord on the day of Pentecost! God's people are in a terrible, terrible mess. They are not taught anything -- they aren't even taught that they are God's people! They are taught that they only "have a gift", and that all those people who have "a form of godliness, denying the power thereof" are God's people too, because they have "gotten saved". God wants his children far out of all of that mess, so that they can rest and feel his love and understand his ways -- He wants His children!!

This may be strong, but I am realizing that you preach strong and like strong, so I'll go a step further. What happened last Friday was a spiritual abortion. Please don't think that I am upset with or disappointed in you; no, I am telling you all this because I feel something from you that wants what is real. If I didn't, trust me, I would not bother. I have seen and faced so much rejection that I am learning better than to throw pearls before swine. Last night after I wrote to you the first time, I found some sermons that you preached on the internet. I listened to the whole thing -- I couldn't turn it off. At the end of it, when you are crying out to God -- oh my, I sat there and cried. And when I realized later that it was only a few weeks ago, wow! I thought, "God! You were really listening to this man!"

I appreciate so much the time that you have given to reading all that I have had to say. Who am I to say such things to you? It's hard for me to do this, and I hope you can sense that it is not at all through pride that I speak like this. But, I felt like I had to let you know. I won't take up any more of your time, but I would really, really appreciate a response from you, even if you don't agree with me. Please let me know what you think.

Much love in Jesus,

Amanda French, Testimony: "My E-mail to Pastor John", July 2007

Dear Pastor John, I was listening to the CD on "Richly all things to enjoy" (2001). The phrases below reminded me of the feelings of pressure to worship as the people were pressured to worship that were around us at “The Call” this past weekend.

I heard these things on a CD of yours: "Should preponderance of false worship of men all over the world cause the righteous to cease to worship God or to be afraid that their worship will be misunderstood?"

"We don't cease doing what is right because of the multitudes that claim to be doing right."

"We don't cease to enjoy blessings of God because of the many who abuse those blessings."

At The Call, when they asked for people from any denomination, or any non-denominational church, or any church to stand, it was awkward for us to be the only ones (that I noticed) that were not standing. When everyone around us took the Christian communion, it was also awkward to be the only ones, again, that were not doing as others were. There was a definite pressure there. (When I first tried to type denomination, I typed "demonation".)

When the majority of the people around us were repeating a prayer, I thought, "Those are some good words for people to pray", and I prayed with them for God to accept the praises of the sincere people there and have these feelings last beyond that one day (especially after I found out this is the fourth time for something similar to "The Call"). After the praying, Mr. Engle told everyone who prayed that prayer that they had been saved ... I felt "cheated". I had been praying some really sweet things to Jesus during that time, and only when the prayer was over did I realize what was going on... Oh well, I knew Jesus knew my heart .....

You also told the story on the CD about the man that plucked his eyes out in jail (thinking he could overcome lust for women) and the woman that tried to cut her arm off (because it had "offended" her). When you told what those verses really mean, to cut the member of the body of Christ off to keep a spiritual disease from spreading, it really struck something in me. It hurts to have people we have loved not be here among us, but we value the things from God MORE than we value the individual. We do not want any spiritual disease to spread and the whole body of Christ among us here to be lost.


P.S. The work of God could be destroyed if Jesus’ instructions are not followed. Like in the CD I was talking about ... if a member of the body of Christ offends (causes others to stumble), cut it off so that the body as a whole does not lose out with God.

Amy Pittman, Testimony: "Get to Work!", July 2007

Rebekah, Elijah, John David, Ashley, Ellen, Aaron, Amanda, and myself went to Nashville Tennessee for an event held by Lou Engle in Nashville, TN. When we arrived at “The Call”, we stood in line to get water to take to our seats. I was looking around at all the people there, and seeing how many there were. We had not yet been to the stands to see anything that was going on, but we could hear people singing and praising God. After standing there for awhile, I heard the Spirit say to me, “This is the spirit that kills.” I just stood there very quietly. I felt like I was going to get an education, and what I heard set the stage for my whole day.

Next, I got my water and I wanted to see what was going on, so I walked over to take a look. When I walked out and saw all the people standing there, I was overwhelmed. Everywhere I looked, I saw people with their hands lifted, singing, and speaking in tongues. I had never seen so many people speaking in tongues, never been around so many people speaking in tongues ever! Thousands of people. I was so overwhelmed with love for them, I began to cry. I cried for the first 10 minutes or so after I arrived. I was so sad. So touched. Those were my family that I could not embrace the way I wanted too. So sad for God’s people. As I looked out over the people and the stage and the music, I wept. Then, I saw how they had the stage and the music set up, and tears rolled down my face as I had the thought, “Jesus, they have made you a concert.” I understood what it meant to feel sorry for Jesus. They are so far away from him.

We went looking for Bekah, John David, and Ashley, and I found myself standing beside this lady who was probably in her late 40's, early 50's. She was crying, and the holy Ghost was speaking through her. I felt such compassion and love for her, I reached over and hugged her. We hugged and I was speaking in tongues, and she was crying. When we separated from each other, we pulled back and she looked at me and had the biggest, sweetest smile on her face. Tears were flowing down both her cheeks, and she was speaking in tongues very clearly. There was nothing to say at that moment. It was so real. I don’t think I will forget that face and the love of God we felt as we embraced. It is a picture imbedded in my memory forever. This was one of the highlights of my trip. After being with her, I felt the urgency to put out the tracts I had; to hug every person who was looking to be hugged; to pat someone on the shoulder or give them a kindly smile, something to aid them in their search for something real.

We then found Bekah and the others and sat down at our seats. They began to introduce denominations. They had each group to stand when they called out their names. Of course, we did not fit into any of the groups, so we remained in our seats. It was really something, to feel the pressure of others around us wondering why we did not stand. You could feel them wondering and looking but never asking. Lou Engle was praying and he made this statement, “God, let it go on record, the intent of the hearts here today.” I said, “Amen!” And, I believe it did.

There were so many thoughts and feelings that day! There were some sincere hearts there seeking God and looking for something to happen. It was an interesting group of people, from very young to old. The music would sometime be slow, and the Spirit would try to move among them, but as soon as it would, the loud music moved in and took over, and they would start to jump and dance around, like being at a concert. They do not know what dancing in the Spirit is; it was the opposite of what they were thinking. They took it that the loud music and dancing and the hype was the Spirit, when in reality, what they needed was the rest. It was the soft, light sounds that were touching their hearts.

There was a time when everyone was standing with their arms held up, and I was looking around at all of them. I felt so helpless standing there in the middle of all of them and knowing that they need what we have. There were so many of them! How do we get to them? All that I know, is to do our work. As I stood there, after feeling those feelings, I felt this ray of light, like a beam from heaven just came down on me, and thankfulness just flowed into my heart. It rolled through my body and I heard a voice say, “You are not confused.” I began thanking God, over and over, that I was not confused. I looked out over the multitude of people around me, thousands of people, everyone of them confused. They don’t know anything. They don’t know God. They don’t know what they have (if they have the holy Ghost). They don’t know His voice. They don’t know anything.

Then, I started having thoughts about our young children and where God has placed them, growing up in the knowledge of the truth. Also, those whom God has called out of the abomination that is killing them. What a blessing and what mercy it is that we are not confused! I saw something very valuable for us. Every truth that comes to us is from God. We are in the midst of people that God speaks to daily, and what He gives to us is not tainted. We are not having to pick through and see if it is from God or not. How valuable is that? What mercy from God! What a holy place. It opened my eyes to see that there is a purpose for us to have been created to be in this place, at this time in our lives. God created it that way. It is not a coincidence that we are here. It was designed for us and it is a treasure. A valuable place in God. His best for us! We have something to offer to His people that He has given to us, and He is trusting us with it. I was thinking about our young ones and I kept hearing “Find it! Find it! Find that place and go for it.....and don’t hold back. Love it with your whole heart and go there. Go there with Him.”

Sometime during or after this, Lou Engle began to call people to repentance for different things. He started naming off different things that “the church” needed to be cleansed from. He started off by naming things like; hypocrisy, pornography, immorality, etc. And as I listened to him, I hung my head, ashamed, that we have had some of the things he listed amongst us. And then, thankful, to see that God is cleansing us from every unrighteousness so we will be able to help those who need us and come to a place that is not mixed or divided. They cannot handle such things, things they are trying to get away from. It was disgraceful to know we have it, but yet exciting to know it’s not going to be tolerated. And Jesus is fixing it for them!!

Later, I was standing there in the middle of all those people, who were God’s children with the holy Ghost, and remembering what the Spirit told me earlier. “This is the spirit that kills.” I could hear everyone shouting and Lou Engle was saying, “You’ve got to fight for what you believe in. You’ve got to stand up for your faith.” I bowed my head and said, “Lord, I can’t pray that prayer. I can’t pray like that.” Then, I just bowed my head. I began to pray for my enemies.

In the background, I could hear the crowd saying in reply to Mr. Engle, “Yeah! Yeah!” Instantly, the scene changed from me standing there in the midst of those people, to me standing in the midst of the Jews. And what I heard was, “Kill him! Crucify him!” And then I realized that I was standing in the middle of God’s people, a lot of them. And they [God’s own people] were the ones that killed Jesus. It was the same spirit. And, even though the ones around me looked nice and sweet, let the real truth be spoken, and we would be the ones they would be against. I knew then, that they were caught up in the hype of it all. And that kind of “pep rally” would do the same thing again. I could feel that underlying warring spirit around us. I saw how the young ones there were being trained to act under that violent, murderous, hateful spirit, unbeknownst to them, so that they can be used thinking it is Jesus that is behind them. Oh, the sadness and urgency that came over me. I knew it was God that was controlling that time and place for us all, and I understood that prayer and experiences are what our young people are going to need to face the things they will face. It was some kind of experience. That’s when I was overwhelmed with the urgency of God’s people coming out of Christianity. They have got to come out. They are in the very thing they hate! And it will destroy them.

My overall feeling was “get to work”. More so for others and those who are seeking something real from God. To pray more. To make sure that I am doing what I should do and examine myself to be holy in God’s sight and His children’s.

It was really an experience for me to go and see and feel the love of God that I felt for His children who are out there confused, abused, longing for a morsel to hold on to until they get the next one. It put something special in my heart for them. I pray for them differently now....I pray God will open their ears to hear when He does speak to them. I pray that their eyes will be opened if any truth comes their way. They don’t know anything. They are scared little children running around in the darkness, and we have some safety and light for them. God help them find it! God help us find them! I pray for us as a body now more than ever. We need it, and we need them. What an experience. It has touched me in many ways. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Amy Pittman

Ellen Savelli, Testimony: "My E-mail to Pastor John", July 2007

I would like to try and tell my experience from this past weekend because “The Call” was an event that was unforgettable and changed me as well.

When we (Amy, Elijah, Aaron, and I) first walked into the stadium and stood in line to buy water, I wanted to look into the stadium to see how many people were already inside. As I walked into an alley way to look in, I was in awe as I saw just how many people were there. I remember thinking, "This many people want something from God". I have never seen so many people in one place all seeking God; it was a brand new experience for me.

After the event started, I just watched all the people around me for a while. It seemed that every direction I looked, I saw many people speaking in tongues and crying out to God. There were some people who were just talking to friends, and some were dancing to the music (all kinds of dances such as ballet, a rocker type dance? Mainly they were swinging their heads up and down, flinging arms, twirling, etc...). I continued to observe and listen to the different testimonies given and the topics which the ministers talked about. Some of the girls who gave their testimonies were crying on stage and were very sincere. I prayed that these sincere people would get a touch from God and that I could have a sincerity and openness in what I have been taught and still learning from God.

Much of the time there for me, I watched and listened a lot. I enjoyed listening to everyone telling what they experienced throughout the day. Rebekah, Elijah, John David, and Ashley retold how they felt when they were at the School of Intercession on Friday, Amy told what happened when she hugged the lady when we first entered into the stadium, Amanda told how she felt when praying her own prayer different from the one everyone else was doing. I learned a lot by their testimonies. I was impressed by the knowledge of God that was growing in them and how I also wanted to grow in the Spirit for the discernment and wisdom which I was watching in them.

By the time we left “The Call” (after the communion), I felt that I wanted to dig into all the material (tracts, books, the Bible, testimonies, and much more) that we have, and learn about God, not all the different gods in the denominations, but as was said in the meeting today, "the God that talked to George Clark." I felt a desire to really get to know what I believe in and why I believe in it so that if I ever had an opportunity to talk to someone (such as people at “The Call”, co-workers, family, or friends), that I could be able to do so with knowledge and without confusion.

The final part of Saturday when we went to the Hiser's, I loved the simplicity and peacefulness when Pastor John was talking about the commandments and how God was always in between a right relationship. After being at a place where music boomed, teachings were confusing, people were trying to seek God but were cut off by the religious leaders, the Hiser's home felt like a safe haven and a place to rest. While we were listening to the music Pastor John brought in, every song that played, I wondered, "What if this played in that large stadium? How would people feel? What kind of relief would it bring?"

I am very, very, very glad I went to Nashville this past weekend. It has sparked something in my heart to really find out who I am and why I am here. I remember from a past sermon Pastor John said in one of the meetings, "God doesn't like people who are lukewarm with Him." You either are not serving God at all or you have a zeal and desire to serve him all the way. God doesn't want us to be half-hearted, and I think this trip helped me set my heart to really get to know Jesus and let him be what I desire most.


John David Clark, Testimony: "You Take The Ceremonies and Give Us the Children", July 2007

The primary thing I took from “The Call” in Nashville happened on Friday night (7-06-07). [The young minister] Damon was speaking and saying some really good things. I fully expected the whole thing to be like that. I had no idea that was out of the ordinary, so I didn't really have an idea of how wonderful it was until after Saturday. Looking back on it, I realize I was holding back until I saw and heard the others speaking in tongues and raising their hands, but when they did, I was all for it. I raised my hands and the last thing I heard him say was something to the effect of "You take the ceremonies, and give us the children!"

I fell back and was shaking on the ground for a good while. When I stopped shaking, there was the heaviest feeling in my heart. I was on my back crying as hard as I could. Eventually I tried to get up, but I knelt back down and cried more. Everyone was still jumping and screaming around me, so I had assumed that the Spirit was still falling, even though I felt nothing but hurt. But, when Rebekah, Ashley and Elijah told me that Damon had left the Spirit behind so he could talk about abortion, I understood why I felt such a heavy feeling.

I had assumed, and was really hoping, some of the interested people there would want to talk to me after they saw the Spirit hit me so hard. I'm guessing that they haven't seen touches like that very often, but nobody said a word to me. Not only do they not understand that as being special and from God, but they don't even understand tongues being as important as it is. On top of that, they didn't even feel the difference between the Spirit falling and not falling. At least, most didn't. I have to assume that those with the Holy Ghost felt something, and maybe they are just used to it coming and going and are trained to continue their "worship" whether the Spirit is in it or not. I am hoping that those who are, at times, in touch with the Spirit are feeling a difference because that includes Damon.

I wish I could have gotten more out of Saturday than I did. Hopefully I'll have a chance to go to another one. There were two things I hope I'll never forget. A small group of younger people our age were on stage and gave testimonies of what I assume would be receiving the Holy Ghost. One was a young girl on the stage that was so sincere. While everyone was jumping and flinging their arms to the music, those few girls and a guy or two on stage weren't doing that. They were sitting or standing still, and they looked as if they were really trying to soak it in. This was just before communion was passed out.

We left shortly after that, but came back when it was almost over. At the end, there were some weird people on stage. One older man was telling the people to have visions and prophecy etc. And he said if you have had an experience (as he'd claimed to have many from God), then you need to tell people, and if they [question it and] ask you who said that to you, then you should put your hand on your hip and shake you head and say "Says God!" After he demonstrated that disgusting attitude, he wanted all the young people [in the stadium] to practice it. I just stood there and shook my head. It was hard to take in how bad it really was. I said, under my breath and mostly for myself, "That's not the right attitude." I guess the girl behind me heard me or saw me because, barely audible, she said to me, with her hand on her hip and her head shaking, "You, too!"

Hopefully, as I reflect on the event, I'll get more and more out of it. Wednesday night, it sunk in a little deeper how awful it was. When you were praying and saying something about the wolves feeding on them, I had a mental picture of what was happening. I saw that young group on stage, with that girl sitting there with her hands on her lap looking up. She was a lamb, and her spirit, her attitude, her zeal, her sincerity, her love of God and all the wonderful things about her were feeding the wolves there. The wolves have no other food; God's people are sustaining them. Their religion and power will crumble, and they know it, [without such lambs]. That's the kind of fight we're in, but at the same time, we're trying to rescue little lambs that have wounds down to bones from the wolves feeding on them.

Wow, I think the more I reflect on it now, the more I get out of it. I just want to have the right spirit with it. The first half of Saturday, I wasn't all the way there, but after we went to Stuart's and then went back for the last bit, I was a servant. I hope God does find this generation worthy of being used to do something good. It doesn't have to happen. Sometimes it feels like God is stirring the pot in preparation for something, but just as the prophecy for the exodus from Egypt was set back by Moses' error, this generation can be turned away. God help them cry out hard enough, and help us be where we need to be. Help us all cry out hard enough.

Elijah Clark, Testimony: "My Experience at the Call", July 2007

Hey Dad,

In Nashville, I feel I grew in God. Good call on getting us to go. That was "The Call". We had a really good time, as it were. The folks in the stadium were very numerous and many of them had the holy Ghost. Well, it was sad, as you can imagine, but I got a chance to put out tracts all around. I'd have to say that most of the people were sincere.

When we were in the big stadium, it had the feeling that the people were slowly getting somewhere. It was like wading through a murky, chest-high swamp toward a drier area with clean water. Some good things were said, some bad things were said. More bad things than good things, but the good things were slowly taking the people forward. At one point, I wanted to get in the center of the whole stadium, in front of the stage. John David and Rebekah were already there (we had to sneak past the guards, it was kind of interesting). When I got down there, two girls started telling their testimonies, and Mr. Engle was praying with these desperate people (it was about 2pm I guess, by this time). Like I say, it would be good, then blah, then good, all day. But then, while Mr. Engle was speaking, they passed out to the thousands of people individual little plastic sealed containers, which had a little wafer and some grape juice in them. The people's determination didn't change, but after that, I was ready to go. I didn't say anything because no one else was ready to go, and I didn't know if I should have felt that way then. But as you said, if God would have done anything for them after the communion ceremony, where would the glory have gone?

I didn't think that at the time, but I felt it relatively strongly. We left about an hour or more after the communion ceremony, and I found out later the whole rest of the day degenerated into a really sad attempt to force God to visit them. Very, very sad. They were so determined that God had to visit them if they cried loud enough - just one more time, just a little louder this time. When we came back late that night, Rebekah went into the stadium. She texted me after about five minutes of being inside, "It is so weird in here... These people are so tired and probably disappointed I feel so sorry for them." It just disintegrated.

Their only real hope are places where the truth is already preached. Then, from those places, God can send people to them. They can start their own groups, outside the Whore. I believe it was one of the prophetic things Granddaddy is sometimes remembered for saying when he called the group "The Pioneer Tract Society". After the communion ceremony, I was sitting near the exit. I had nothing to do, and I had "Ye Must Be Born Again" with me. So, I read it. The understanding! O Jesus! Where your father had to go in God to receive that message! What a great, great thing! Tongues, born again, the kingdom of God, the holy Ghost. What understanding! How much we have! It still is difficult to grasp, where he had to be to receive such a holy message! And to know it was the truth. The wisdom!

That really just blows me away. And how I love that understanding. It means more to me than anything else. To be honest, it means more to me to keep it than any person does, and that's why people mean so much to me. What understanding! I am reminded of Solomon's words to his son, or David to Solomon: "Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth. Forsake her not, and she shall preserve you: love her, and she shall keep you. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding." Wow. The Sacrifice of Christ - what a word from God! Baptism - God's people need it. True Communion - can only be had in these messages! Wow. What holiness is here at "Pastor John's House"! It's really Jesus' house. And what a holy head of the house he is. How he teaches his children wisdom! How happy they are, and considerate of others. What holiness!

I thank God for having mercy on me. God knows I deserve no better than the ones who have gone astray. Boy, I feel good. This is a holy, holy work of God here, and anyone who would disgrace it in any way does not deserve to live. That's why I say that God knows I deserve no better than others who have left, and who are here especially. What a holy, holy thing! I really appreciate Uncle Gary, Uncle Tom, and many others who are in their place in God perfectly. That's living, and I hope to continue in this very soberingly happy place so that I can find my own place in the body. If we live in our place in the body, we'll get drafted into the Bride, for the end season. I want to be a first pick, and I hope that for everyone. I know that everyone can be first picks because Jesus is picking first, and his turn won't end till he's finished picking. Ha ha, and he only picks team players. Wow, that analogy just went on and on.

"Psalm 37:4 Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."

Ashley Clark, Testimony: "I Am Thankful", July 2007

Going to “The Call” in Nashville, TN, in 2007, was a big event in my life. Before some of the young people and I headed there, my sister-in-law, husband and Pastor John decided one Sunday morning to go to a Pentecostal church towards eastern North Carolina. But, what we didn't think about was, that it was fourth of July weekend, so the church service was about America, not about God at all. There was no life, no spirit. It was sad. When we left, we remembered that not far from where we were was a man that has gatherings on Sunday and we might just make it in time to enjoy visiting there. We drove over there, and before we could even get inside, we heard singing and people praising God. Something in me turned a flip, those were “my people”, children of God! The Spirit they had was the same Spirit inside of me; the holy Ghost. It was such a stark difference between the Pentecostal church that we just visited with flags and talking about America to a group of people enjoying God’s spirit in the land of America that God gave them!

The experience I had before visiting “The Call” helped me to be aware and recognize the stark difference there is between people with the Spirit and those without it. One memory from “The Call” that is burned into my mind is walking into that huge stadium where almost every seat was filled with people who wanted God to make a difference in their lives and those around them. I felt armed with my previous experience, you could feel when things were on target and when things were off. It was sad to me, those with the spirit seemed in bondage to certain church sects, to just say that you loved Jesus wasn't enough. One man was cut short on the stage when he spoke in tongues. There was a limit to the freedom of the spirit.

I learned how much freedom that there is in Christ, but that without guidance it can quickly get off. This experience was good for me to see my wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ and I wish so much that we could be together. When we share our testimonies or hugs, we are one, you know you have the same Spirit from Jesus! I am thankful for that! And thankful for the experience of being around a large group of hungry souls, my brothers and sisters.

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