Youth Activities and Kids Art from Pastor John's House.

Below are collections of some of the Youth happenings at Pastor John's House. These include some of their activities, kid's art, and more!

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Kid's Art

Take a look as some of the cute artwork that some of the very young children have done at the meetings and at Pastor John's. As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words!

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Youth Testimonies & More

In this section, read our young people's testimonies and view some of the other happenings with the youth at Pastor John's House - they are having experiences with Jesus!

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Youth Questions and Answers

Young people have lots of questions, and pastor John encourages them! Read some young people questions and read how Pastor John answers and encourages them.

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The Rebekah Clark Blogs

Pastor John's daughter, Rebekah, while in high school and college, wrote a series of BLOGS about her thoughts & experiences... be encouraged to read the thoughts of a young person in school, with her mind on God.

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The Young People Go To the Call in Nashville

"The Call", held in Nashville, TN, in 2007, provided a chance for the young adults here to spread their wings in a big way and experience being among God's people, loving them, and feeling the feelings of Jesus for them.

Click to Read About Our Experiences & Testimonies From "the Call."

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