Meet Cliff & Julie Ayscue

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Julie's Testimony

As a young girl, my only desire in life was to have a family. I never had a desire for a big career, I just wanted to be married and have children. I knew that when I got married one day, I wanted a husband that loved God. My family began attending meetings with Preacher Clark and Pastor John when I was 10 years old. I don’t have much memory of what “church religion” is because I grew up with the familiarity of home prayer meetings, speaking in tongues, the power of God, and living a holy life. We spent many childhood nights visiting the saints and singing songs about God together.

When I was a freshman in high school, about 15 years old, a group of us were at Brother Earl’s house. The adults were singing songs and talking about God while the children played in another room. At some point, we came out to be with the adults. The spirit fell and one by one, us girls started receiving the holy ghost and speaking in tongues. See Earl Pittmans’ testimony: “I Will Give You Children”. I remember the power of God being so strong in Bro. Earl’s living room, that when the spirit fell on me, I couldn’t stop speaking in tongues. I remember walking out on Bro. Earl’s back porch and saying to myself, “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I got the holy ghost.” I remember the cool night air blowing on me... And I just could not stop speaking in tongues! There was an overwhelming feeling of joy that night.

When I reached my teenage years, I wondered a bit away from God with the desires of seeking a boyfriend and companion. Somewhere, I know that deep in my heart, I still desired to find someone who loved God. At the age of 19, God dumped this young man named Cliff right into my lap. I say that because as I was still out “searching” on my own, and we ended up meeting each other at a mutual friend’s house. Now, I know God had this planned out all along. I began telling Cliff about the holy ghost and the way of holiness. He had an interest in God, and from this point, our life together began.

I have to tell about what happened to me the night that Cliff got the holy ghost. I knew as a young girl that I if I was to ever marry, I wanted someone with the holy ghost, because when 2 people are joined together in marriage, they should be equally yoked. I had God’s spirit and I was a child of God, so in order for us to marry, Cliff would have to have God’s spirit too. Cliff received the holy ghost at my parent’s house in March 1996. I was standing behind him that night, and as he leaned backward I saw his mouth moving as he was speaking in tongues. I felt a mighty rush of all my dreams coming true. I will never forget that feeling that night, as long as I live. (See Cliff Ayscue’s testimony.)

Shortly after Cliff received the holy ghost, Pastor John signed our marriage papers. That night was a special night too. We had gotten our marriage papers earlier that week in preparation for a weekend meeting when God would join us together. There was nothing big planned, just gathering with the saints and having everyone there that we loved to be a part of our blessing. Pastor John stopped by on a Friday night with Bro. Wendell to my parents’ home. When he walked in the door, he asked if we had our marriage papers yet. I told him they were in my bedroom. He asked for them, and signed them then. We did not have a big wedding, I never even desired one. When God joins 2 people together, there is no need for a ceremony. It is complete in God, without any outside help of a ceremony. We have been married for 18 years now, and have 2 beautiful children that both have the holy ghost also. See Stephen Ayscue and Jordan Ayscue’s testimonies on PJH children’s page.

I have to tell this part in my life’s story at this point, because it is a part of what God has given me: When my sisters and I would play with our baby dolls as young girls, I always pretended that I had a boy first, and he was my oldest child, so that he could take care of his younger sister. So, when my children came along, what do you think God did for me? He gave me my boy first and 3 ½ years later we had a little girl. Also, back in the 80’s the dream home was a small house with a picket fence around it. So where do you think I live now? In a small house with a fence around it. Isn’t God just wonderful? He really does make dreams come true!


Cliff's Testimony

In the spring of 1995 I started attending prayer meetings after I met (my future wife) Julie. I had just gotten out of a bad marriage, which I had a daughter from. My life was upside down and I was just plain miserable with life.

During that summer, I started an Old Testament class with Earl Pittman, Julie, and two very sweet friends that I had met coming to the meetings. During this class, I learned a lot about the history and geography of the bible. When reading the stories of the characters in the bible, I could feel the love that God had for His people, and the one thing that stuck out to me was that He always wanted the best for them. This class was preparing me for when Jesus would change my life in the coming months.

In March of 1996 on a Saturday night I was at a New Testament class that Pastor John taught, and on that night he started to preach on the crucifixion of Jesus. Once he started to describe the suffering of Jesus, my heart was being torn out because of the love he had for his people. In this world, a lot of people will tell you that they would die for you, but should the time really come, they wouldn’t mean it. I knew at that time how much Jesus loved me and my thoughts and feelings started to change.

On the next day during our meeting, Pastor John started praying for people. I stood up to get prayed for, but I stopped by one of the big columns that was in the meeting building. In the past, I usually sat on the back row and watched people go up to be prayed for, but this time my heart was desiring a touch from Jesus. When I got up to the column I noticed I was standing by Uncle Joe (an older saint in the Lord.) He looked at me and said, “Boy, jump in the water. It’s turning.” Just about that time, he gave me a loving push, and when I turned around I was standing in front of Pastor John and he laid hands on me. When the spirit hit me, I fell out with the sweetest feeling that I had ever had in this life. As I was laying on the floor, Brother Wendell and his wife Caroline were praying for me, one on each side. During this time the spirit spoke to me and let me know that I needed to start paying my tithes and offerings, and that I needed to start spending more time around God’s people.

Later that night I was at Julie’s family’s house sitting around the table discussing the earlier events of the day at the prayer meeting. As we were talking the spirit fell. Her family began praying for me at the kitchen table. As they were praying, I slid under the table, and onto the floor. Sister Sheila Puckett started to call some nearby saints to pray for me, for I was seeking the Holy Ghost. Not knowing that she had called Brother Earl, the spirit spoke to me and said, “When Earl Pittman walks through that door you’ll receive the Holy Ghost.”

A few minutes later, I heard the door open and I lifted up my head and there stood Brother Earl. I fell on my knees half way to the door where Brother Earl stood. While on my knees I bent backward in a position that I know Jesus put me in, because in the past I was unable to kneel in this position due to a bad knee that I had surgery on while in the Navy. At that moment, the Holy Ghost fell and I started to speak in tongues. My life was completely changed for the good.

Julie and I were married in September of 1996, and have 2 wonderful children: Stephen age 15 and Jordan age 11. I have had the Holy Ghost for 18 years and this has been a wonderful life that everyone on this earth should be able to enjoy and feel.


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