Marriage Testimonies of Couples Who Have Been Blessed at Pastor John's.

Read the testimonies of the many couples whose lives and marriages have been transformed by the teaching and fellowship at Pastor John's House. God is a God of relationships, and He especially desires to work in the relationship of husbands and wives.

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God created relationships that were based on honesty and openness between us....."

  Tim & Bess Sellers
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I can truly say that I wish all marriages were on the same road as mine, now!...."

  Rob & Donna Nelson
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We have had our ups and downs, and Pastor John has given us counsel to keep us on the strait and narrow way...."

  Randall & Doris Williams
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I believe that when your home is in God's order, all other relationships will be right..."

  Darren & Julie Prater
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One prayer that I remember the most was, "Lord,when I grow up I want a husband who loves You"....."

  Earl & Betty Pittman
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God's gift of His Spirit has changed our lives and has strengthen our relationship with our spiritual family...."

  Jim & Diane Kirk
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In our marriage, we have learned to live what Pastor John calls "a common sense life". ...."

  Tom & Suzi Traughber
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We have been so blessed, and we have help with raising our sweet children....."

  Paul & Jammie Curtsinger
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I would love to know true happiness with a companion; one that would love God & Jesus first and then me...."

 Testimony [Name Withheld]
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I know my wife would agree that we would hope everyone would have a friend such as Pastor John...."

  Billy & Judy Mellick
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Our marriage is a story of the goodness of God and how He took our broken lives and, through His love, healed our hearts and made us one...."

  Richard & Amy French
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Our relationship with one another has been made so sweet by being led by the same Spirit that led us both to Him...."

  Stuart & Anna Hiser
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I hope this will help someone who feels trapped in an abusive relationship, whether the abuse is physical, or mental and emotional...."

  Lee Ann Burkhart
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In 2006, I decided to divorce my abusive and financially burdensome husband. Pastor John fully supported me in my decision...."

  Amanda Freedman
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When God joins two people together, there is no need for a big ceremony. It is complete in God...."

  Cliff & Julie Ayscue
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God picked us up from the road we were heading down and put us on a path (of life) with Pastor John and the Godly saints here...."

  Junior & Natalie Embry
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