Meet Billy & Judy Mellick

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I would like to take this time to thank John David Clark Sr. for richly increasing the quality of my marriage, and of my life. John became my Pastor in 2001, and through his love, concerns for my life and family, along with the care I have received since he became my Pastor & friend, I have a happy and contented life. My wife Judy and I are very grateful to know John, his children, and his wife, Barbara. They all have added to my life, and I love them as they were my own family. I pray that our Lord continues to bind us all together in love, unity, and friendship, and I am looking forward to being a part of their lives as we walk in this life together.

Judy and I were merely existing together before John became our Pastor. With the proper instructions, guidance, counseling, support, and especially love, Judy and I are happier now than we have ever been. We have a life together that we always wanted but did not know how to obtain.

My wife Judy and I were married April 4th, 1980. We raised two children. Joshua was born March 15th,. 1984. Joshua spent a tour in Afghanistan. At times it was very tough and stressful for my wife and me to go through many sleepless nights, knowing our son was in combat in a foreign country. I can not count the times that Pastor John gave us love , compassion, comfort, and counseling that has helped my wife and me to cope through those trying times. Joshua is now out of the Army, has a good job and is married.

My other son, Jeremy was born December 28th , 1986. Jeremy and his wife Brittany were married by Pastor John in 2007, and are both living peaceful, fulfilling lives. Again, I cannot count the times Judy & I have received counseling and support to give Jeremy the proper guidance he needed to get through his schooling, while so many other of his classmates, in high school and college did not graduate.

I have kept this letter very brief, and to the point, but could give many, many examples of why our quality of life is better since I have known Pastor John. We could never express our gratitude enough for the love and support I have received from him and his wife Barbara. They have been there and helped my family and me get through the tough times, and forever I will be thankful. I know my wife would agree that we would hope everyone would have a friend such as Pastor John.

Billy and Judy

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