Meet Rob & Donna Nelson

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Donna’s Testimony

My husband Rob and I have been married now for 25 years. At the time we started coming to the meetings, we had been married for 9 years. Pastor John's guidance and help have been invaluable to our marriage. Through the years, he has encouraged Rob and I to be a help to each other, to care for each other, and to work together. He has encouraged me to obey and help my husband in the home.

Even though Rob and I both go to prayer meetings at Pastor John's house, when I first started attending prayer meetings in 1993, my husband, Rob, did not come. John encouraged me then (as he still does now) to do everything I could to help my husband, so much so, that it surprised my husband! I complained one time that my husband was just too hard on me. In response, John asked me why didn’t I just do what Rob had asked of me? What I was being taught was (even though my husband did not support me in going to John’s prayer meetings at that time), to listen to and help my husband. Needless to say, my husband was very surprised to hear that John was supporting him.

The help and guidance we received is the reason Rob and I are still married today. John has cared deeply for Rob, me, and our three sons. John works more than any person I have ever known to teach people how to love each other. We have a family and home because of John’s work and care for us.


Rob's Testimony

As of May 2009, Donna and I have been married 25 years. I want to say that today my marriage is in the best condition that it has ever been in. My marriage is wonderful and I want to thank Pastor John and Barbara for all of their counsel and prayers. I know that others have prayed for us also, but through my Pastor our answer came from Jesus.

Our marriage was not always wonderful. I spent my years 1993-1998 living a sinful, worldly life, while my wife attended the prayer meetings and learned how to love life. Our marriage was very difficult during this time. Donna and I were going in two different directions. I did not want to be around happy people who loved what Jesus had done for them because that was not the life I was living. It was amazing to me that even though I would not give Pastor John the “time of day” (during those years ’93-98), that he was the one helping counsel my wife to be a good wife to me and obey me. When I heard these things in 1997 & 98, it was unbelievable! How could, and why would, someone that I wouldn’t give the "time of day" to, try to help keep my marriage together by telling my wife to obey me and be a good wife?

Then, I had a life-changing experience in September 1998, all alone on a business trip. The Spirit told me “you can stay on the road that you are on, and the end result will be very bad, or you can come onto this road, and the end result will be very good." Jesus offered me the chance to live and make things right. My life was turned from sin and sadness, to Jesus and happiness. I have attended the prayer meetings at Pastor John’s house since September 1998 and I have been learning the entire time.

I have learned that a marriage is a work in progress and that it is important to learn how to take care of our relationships every day. I am learning how to really care for Donna, and she is learning how to care for me. Without the guidance from Jesus and Pastor John, I would have never known how to really care for someone’s heart.

I recently told Donna that the relationship (marriage) that we have now, is a relationship that I used to day-dream about. WOW! It is a miracle, and it came through prayer, tears and help from Pastor John and Barbara. I am very glad that I opened up and shared my feelings and thoughts. Opening up concerning my marriage helped me get wrong thoughts corrected, and it helped show me where I was having right feelings on some things. The road we are on now is a road that I love.

I can truly say that I wish all marriages were on the same road as mine, now!


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