Meet Darren & Julie Prater

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Julie's Testimony

Darren and I met at our place of employment in 1995. We had worked there for over a year, but had never talked to one another. I had to ask Darren a question one day about some paperwork, and something sparked inside me while we were speaking. We started talking to each other more after that, just getting to know each other. I had been in and out of a relationship with someone else for four years, and I was unsure about where I wanted the relationship with Darren to go. When this other person found out that Darren and I had been talking, he decided to ask me to marry him, which I had been wanting him to do for years. I said “yes”, and we planned on that following weekend to get married.

I had a dream that night. I was in a car with this other person, stopped at a stop sign. Darren drove by in his car, and then I had this overwhelming feeling that I was in the wrong car and I needed to be with Darren. I woke up that morning knowing that Darren was the person I needed to be with. I had never had a dream like that before, with so much feeling. I didn’t know it at the time, but Darren had a heart for God. Darren and I were married soon after that.

The dream I had was an experience from the Lord that drew me closer to Him, and then, soon led us to Pastor John, where we met other saints who have had similar experiences. Being a part of their lives and watching them live godly every day have been good examples of how a marriage should be. This is what I have always wanted. That is why God gave me Darren and a family in God. I’m thankful God did this for me. Knowing who God has chosen for me has helped me continue to grow, learn, and love more in my marriage. God rescued me.


Darren's Testimony

My wife Julie and I have had several trials in our life together over the years. The amazing thing to us is that we are still together. Our main trials have been financial in nature, which is something that destroys relationships every day. If it wasn't for Jesus' love for us, I don't believe we would be together today. Getting to the other side of all that is wonderful, but that wasn't the end of it for us. We needed to learn how to get along daily together.

Life in God is not just about living, but learning to live. Learning not only how to come together in hard times, but how to get along together on a daily basis. That is what Jesus has been teaching us, and that is what we are putting into practice in our home today. Just being normal, loving and caring for each other, and our children, in a godly way. That's what we want.

I am thankful for pastor John teaching us, both in word and by his example with his wife, and his children, about having right relationships, and how important they are to Jesus. It has sparked something in me to want to make sure the relationships in my home are right in God's eyes. I know that if I am in the place God wants me to be, my family will follow behind. I believe that when you are in God's order, your home will be in order. And when your home is in order, all other relationships will be right.


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