Meet Tom and Suzi Traughber

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One of our personal desires from the beginning of our marriage was that we could have a marriage where we remained faithful to each other and to Jesus. Because of the things Jesus has shown us, we have had a happy and fruitful marriage. Our faithfulness and love for each other as husband and wife has been evident nearly 28 years now.

We have two children together, and the way we raised them was influenced by the truth we have learned through the Spirit and through the people whom Jesus has put around us, truths such as how to teach our children to respect others and to fear God. It really does "take a village to raise a child." We first met Pastor John Clark in 1984 when he was teaching an Old Testament class in Louisville, KY. Since that time, he and his wife Barbara have been a highly valued example to us in how to have a long, happy and faithful marriage.

Our family has benefited greatly by knowing Pastor John, his wife Barbara, and God’s people. They have taught us many lessons that are simple, yet vital, in maintaining good relationships in general, not just in our marriage. We have learned to live what Pastor John calls "a common sense life".

Thank you, Jesus, for taking the time to love our family all these years.

Tom & Suzi

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