Debbie Gregory

"A Testimony of Faith."

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My name is Debbie Gregory. Jesus gave me a wonderful testimony on Faith.

I had been having some female problems for several months, so I went to see my regular doctor. He examined me and referred me to an OB/GYN. Around the first of October I went to see him and went through a lot of tests and examinations. Finally, after all of the tests, the doctor told me I needed an operation. The doctor told me I needed a hysterectomy. I went home and discussed it with my husband, Jim. Jim told me to go ahead and make an appointment and have it done as soon as the doctor could set up an appointment.

I went back to the doctor the next week and told him I would like to go ahead and have the surgery before the holidays. He agreed and set the surgery up for October 26, 1999. The week before my surgery, I was so scared and nervous. We attend home prayer meetings and on Tuesday October 18th, I went up for prayer. I told my pastor (John Clark), that I was scared and nervous, and that I needed prayer. Bro. John and everyone else started praying for me. When Bro. John laid hands on me he said, "Everything is going to be alright." At that moment, something fell over me and I had a peace that felt so good. And from that moment on, I wasn't scared or nervous anymore! The Lord touched me that night! God put that faith in me to believe what Bro. John said was true and to believe that everything was going to be all right.

The day of my operation, I had 3 of my sisters in the Lord with me; Betty, Sarah, and Caroline, plus my mom, who also has the holy Ghost. I had so much faith, when I went in for surgery that morning, I knew nothing could go wrong. Wednesday night my husband Jim and Bro. Wendell came to see me. We were all praying when the doctor came by to see me. I asked him if I could go home. He said I was doing so good that I could! I had the operation on that Tuesday, and was released from the hospital on Wednesday night at 9:00pm! When I went back to the doctor that morning, I got a chance to tell the doctor my testimony. He said, "Only God could do something like that!"

I'm still on my way to recovery, but I still feel good! Just remember, anytime you're going through something, no matter what it is, God will help you! All you have to do is believe and have the faith that He can help you and He will!

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