Personal Testimonies From Many of the Believers at Pastor John's House

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Read the wonderful personal testimonies of God touching the lives of people at Pastor John's House.

How I received the holy Ghost."

  George C. Clark
Click to Read George Clark's Testimony

I'll give you children"

  Earl Pittman
Click to Read Earl Pittman's Testimony

Hold on to God"

  Myrtle Murray
Click to Read Myrtle Murray's Testimony

A "ray" of hope."

  Ray Lawson
Click to Read Ray Lawson's Testimony

Why I am not a Christian."

  John D. Clark, Sr.
Click to Read John Clark's Testimony

My personal testimonies."

  Billy Mellick
Click to Read Billy Mellick's Testimony

Cleaning off the foundation."

  Tim Sellers
Click to Read Tim Seller's Testimony

My testimony: God is BIG!"

  Lou Finch
Click to Read Lou Finch's Testimony

God can change your life."

  Natalie Embry
Click to Read a Natalie Embry's Testimony

How the truth found me!"

  Gary Savelli
Click to Read Gary Savelli's Testimony

Sandy's rescue."

  Sandy Sasser
Click to Read Sandy Sasser's Testimony

I had always known."

  Jammie Curtsinger
Click to Read Jammie Curtsinger's Testimony

My testimony of faith."

 Debbie Gregory
Click to Read Debbie Gregory's Testimony

A Story of God."

   Darren Prater
Click to Darren Prater's Testimony

Being directed from the beginning."

 Glen Bartow
Click to Read Glen Bartow's Testimony

Fully satisfied."

   Bess Sellers
Click to Bess Sellers' Testimony

Touched in the Outback!"

 Damien Callaghan
Click to Read Damien Callaghan's Testimony

How I received the holy Ghost."

   James Hammonds
Click to James Hammonds' Testimony

Forgotten sins made right."

  Randall Williams
Click to Read Randall Williams' Testimony

I was raised a Baptist."

   Keith Hinnant
Click to Keith Hinnant's Testimony

How the holy Ghost led me."

 Earl Pittman
Click to Earl Pittman's Testimony

God's little country girl."

   Betty Pittman
Click to Betty Pittman's Testimony

His voice made the difference."

  Sandy Sasser
Click to Read Sandy Sasser's Testimony

This is what you were born for."

   Amy Boveia
Click to read Amy Boveia's Testimony

My story of God."

  Diane Kirk
Click to Read Diane Kirk's Testimony

We have a good God."

   Amanda Freedman
Click to Amanda Freedman's Testimony

What God has done in my life."

   Randall Williams
Click to Read Randall Williams' Testimony

What does it take to enter?"

   Stuart Hiser
Click to Read Stuart Hiser's Testimony

The World Didn’t End in 1988, But My Life Began!"

   Anna Hiser
Click to Read Anna Hiser's Testimony

My testimony."

   Sarah Hicks
Click to Read Sarah Hicks' Testimony

God, does anybody really care?"

   Sue Tolle
Click to Read Sue Tolle's Testimony

I received the holy Ghost on my bed!"

   Jim Kirk
Click to Read Jim Kirk's Testimony

What God has done for me."

   Lyn Hammonds
Click to Read Lyn Hammonds' Testimony

God gave me structure in my life."

   Junior Embry
Click to Read Junior Embry's Testimony

He brought me out!"

   Donna Nelson
Click to Read Donna Nelson's Testimony

God said 'Sweps-on-ville'."

   Jenny Holstein
Click to Read Jenny Holstein's Testimony

And it's all because of Jesus."

   Ashley Clark
Click to Read a Ashley Clark's Testimony

My testimony."

   Tom Traughber
Click to Read Tom Traughber's Testimony

Healed from the inside out."

   Julie Ayscue
Click to Read Julie Ayscue's Testimony

I needed something from God."

   Tracey Hinnant
Click to Read Tracey Hinnant's Testimony

Our children."

  Cris Mills
Click to Read Cris Mills' Testimony

God's done more than I asked for."

   Suzi Traughber
Click to Suzi Traughber's Testimony