Junior Embry

"God gave me structure in my life."

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My name is Junior Embry. I would like to share my testimony with you. I was raised in downtown Louisville. As a young boy there wasn’t any structure in our home, we could stay out late or do what we wanted to do. I remember going to a friend’s home as a boy where I saw structure for the first time. They had time to have dinner and a time to be home. I liked that about that home. I said all of that just to say that I needed structure in my life. The only God that I knew growing up was a big white bible that sat on our coffee table and the only thing that the big bible did was turn yellow over the years from cigarette smoke. I also remember my sister Vickie going to a prayer meeting and coming home and telling me about it. She said that the people there played the tambourine, cried, spoke in tongues, and danced.

I married my wife Natalie when I was a young man. We were married about two years when she told me about a meeting like the one my sister Vickie had told me about. Natalie said that one day she was going back to the meeting she had went to as a young girl.

Our life was very worldly at that time. I told her that I would go with her. I remember that first meeting very well. I went in and sat on the back row. The people there started to sing, clap their hands, and testify. I liked what I was feeling. At the end of the meeting they started to pray. My wife went to the front to get prayed for and then she fell to the floor. I wondered what had happened to my wife.

On the way home she said, “I am drunk!”

“We haven’t had anything to drink”, I replied in amazement.

We continued to go to the meetings. I started to love what I was seeing there and began to realize that I needed the holy Ghost.

I received the holy Ghost at the end of one particular meeting. One lady was still singing. I had been praying for an extremely long time. When the spirit fell upon me I was exhausted, happy, and amazed. Suddenly, I heard the word "brother" and knew it was referring to me because I was speaking in tongues.

It has been a wonderful experience in my life. God has given me structure.

I love the way God has led my life. It has been more than 31 years that I have been serving him. God has changed my life drastically. I’m glad to know now that God can change the heart of a man and help him become a “real man”, one who loves to cry, prays, says no to sin, and has a clean heart. If God can do this for me he can do it for you.


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