Jim Kirk

"I received the holy Ghost on my bed!"

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Ten years ago on July 14th 1999, I received the baptism of the holy Ghost alone with God in my bedroom. It was evidenced only by stammering lips which later in the week blossomed into tongues. I remember getting many touches from God the week before, especially at night while lying in bed. My most vivid memory was suddenly being awakened in the middle of the night with the feeling that I was being levitated from the bed, just floating in mid air. My eyes were wide open and I could feel my heart racing. I was terrified by this awesome power (I knew it was God) but I didn't want it to stop. Suddenly, the most wonderful feeling began to drench my body beginning from the top of my head coursing down to my toes. I felt as if I was basking in his love. He was breathing on me, Oh what power! I have mentioned before that it felt like I was buzzing like a neon sign! I really feel that He was cleansing me of all my past sin, getting me ready to receive His spirit.

What an honor, what an humbling experience to be sealed by the love of God for an eternity if we remain obedient to His will. It has been a wonderful ten years abiding in God's love with His chosen people. I thank Him for everything He has done for me and everything He has put me through, even before being born again. He's a wonderful God and saves me daily. This world is dying quickly, and I'm thankful I'm not a part of it. Glory to God!!!

I would be remiss, John, if I didn't thank you for all your teaching, your encouragement, and your fellowship over the past ten years. It has been a blessing to me. I only hope that I have been able, in some small way, to reflect the love of God as well.

Thanks be to God.

Bro Jim K.

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