Natalie Embry

"God can change your life."

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Natalie Embry (July 29, 1960 - April 8, 2021)

My name is Natalie and I would like to tell you about a God that is so real that He is able to change you. No matter what the circumstances are in your life, I can tell you from experience that no one is a victim as long as God is your father.

I had a mother who did not know how to love and care for me and a father I never met. I only lived with my mother about 5 years of my life that I can remember, and when I did, I can tell you that no child should have to experience such a life. The lifestyle my mother led was full of men, drugs, alcohol, and filthy living. The times that I wasn’t with her, she would leave me here and there, sometimes with people that I didn’t know. I would often go long periods of time not knowing if she would return for me, or I was left wondering if she had died. During these lonely times, I would pray and cry – asking God why He had created me – why I was here in this world? I knew that God was the One who made everything, and so, why couldn’t He have just not made me?

During the first 13 years of my life, I can honestly say that I was in a state of depression, wondering if it was possible for me to ever be normal. I can’t remember one happy day in my childhood. But, I can tell you today, God heard my prayers.

When I was about 10 years old, God let me meet a family that allowed me to move in with them. They were as dysfunctional as I was, but God knew what He was doing. They began to tell me stories of their uncle and aunt who had received the holy Ghost. They told me about miracles of how God had changed people’s lives, even though they had never experienced it themselves. Through these stories, something inside of me felt a sense of reality and joy for the first time.

I can remember when I walked into a prayer meeting and saw people singing, and praising God. I listened to their testimonies. I knew immediately that the God they were speaking of was the One I had prayed to all my life. Oh, how I felt the love of God that night, and how I wanted to be full of the holy Ghost as it had filled those people! Again, God answered my prayers and filled me with the holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues about four months later in a home prayer meeting. I felt brand new and truly clean inside.

Years have passed since that day. God has done even more miracles in my life. He has made me normal and incredibly happy. The love of God has given me a heart and mind to be able to listen to Him. God has also blessed me with a wonderful family that I had always desired. He has given me a husband and two children that are also filled with the holy Ghost.

I knew nothing of how to be a mother or wife, but God always knew my heart. I listened to Him and He taught me how to raise my children with good morals and respect for God, and showed me how to love my husband. I didn’t believe at one time that this was ever possible for me. See what a little faith and obedience can do?

I thank God that I don’t have any bitterness in my heart towards my parents, because I’m not a victim of this life’s circumstances. God is allowing me to be a witness and give my testimony to what one touch of God’s mighty hand can do. He is truly my dearest friend.

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