Tim Sellers

"Cleaning off the foundation."

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July 12th 2000 I had a dream in which I was being shown a building which was approximately twenty stories high. My supervisor, whom I believe was Pastor John, was instructing me that we were to take the building down little by little. I was told that a very small group was assigned to do this project. As I began to look at this huge building with all the steel and concrete, twenty stories high, I could feel my faith waning. But my supervisor seemed to pick up on what I was thinking, and that is when he took me to another building site in the distance. Here I saw another very small group of people, even fewer in number than the group of which I was a part. What I saw was amazing. This group had already removed what seemed to be close to fifty percent of a huge skyscraper. What stood out most to me was how so few people could remain so happy working on what appeared to be a lifelong project. It also seemed that no one had been hurt while working on this big project. As I took in the sight from the distance, I could feel the confidence and excitement growing, knowing that it was absolutely possible to accomplish the task we had been given by our supervisor.

The next place I was taken to was a big room filled with people from different backgrounds. They were all talking and laughing with one another. One individual had brought a long flatbed platform from which he preached. My thought was that he would not be needing that anymore, for the supervisor had let me see part of the plans for removing the building, and a preaching platform was not part of the plans. Minutes later I could hear a few people start to hum, and then harmony filled the room. Everybody began singing and there were some who played instruments, as well. The music was a beautiful arrangement from their hearts. Some in the group suggested they form a new singing group, but this was not part of the plan the supervisor had shown me either. Again I felt some disappointment, thinking that already some were heading in another direction. But my supervisor again seemed to know where my thoughts were going. He shared with me that each one of us in the room had been carefully chosen by the owner of the foundation. My supervisor assured me that everyone of us in the room had a right heart, and as long as everybody worked together, our assignment would be completed. Again my faith was increased, and encouragement filled my soul to start and finish the task at hand.

As I began to awaken from the dream, my first thought was focused on a statement that Pastor John had made some time ago in a prayer meeting. He felt "The Pioneer Tract Society's work was to clean off the foundation already laid many years ago by the first century congregation." Over time men have tried to build a structure without God as the architect. The skyscraper that is now built appears to be an image of success and prestige, but in reality is a false security to God's people. Many of them have taken up residence there - believing in her lies and wrong ideas about God, thus giving her tenants a false sense of hope. Cleaning off the foundation means a careful disassembling of the building (or image) that so many of God's own people have paid a tremendous price in which to rent space. Because so many of God's own people are still tenants in this false structure, the immediate plan is removing the structure little by little with only a few workers so that no one gets hurt or lost in the end. When the foundation has been cleared of all debris (false pillars of doctrines), the apparent image of prestige will be seen for what it really represents (a distortion of the real building that is made of lively stones).

The building in the distance from which I got so much encouragement was made up of the old saints who have passed on in faith. They chipped away one half of the false image with a few hard working saints. Taking down a twenty story building in our time with so few workers from different backgrounds appears to be impossible. But let me remind you that all things are possible with God. An example has been set for us to follow through the hard work of a small group of saints. Their diligence of tearing down wrong ideas and doctrines of men has made a way for us to have rest in the spirit.

With this I leave you a borrowed statement from a brother in the Lord, "Children, we're not home yet!"

May God give us strength to endure the hard work which lies ahead.

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