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Pastor John Clark’s books and other writings are the result of a lifetime of teaching based on his experiences with the Lord Jesus. Many of these books were directly inspired by things that the Lord spoke to Pastor John. These books contain truths that can heal the divided body of Christ as a whole, and the lives of individuals who have been through difficult circumstances. We hope that you will find the time to read these books and the many other precious things on these pages that the Lord has made available to his people. You can download FREE copies of these books in PDF format to study and grow. If you would like to order a hard copy of any of these books, email us at: contact@pastorjohnshouse.com, give us the title of the book you are interested in, and we will get you ordering and pricing information.

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"God Had a Son Before Mary Did"

The revelation that from the beginning there existed a beloved Son lets us know that above all else, God desires loving relationships. That desire lies at the heart of everything God has ever done, and nothing in Creation contradicts that truth. "God Had A Son before Mary Did" examines the significance and glory of the “mystery of God”, the mystery of the Son, which God kept secret from the foundation of the world until He revealed it in the person of Jesus Christ.

"After Jesus Died"

Every believer should know the answer to that question, for nothing is more fundamental to the gospel than what Jesus called the new birth. If anyone on earth was born again after Jesus died, and before Pentecost, surely his disciples were – but they were not. If anyone on earth understood his purpose and doctrine after Jesus died, and before Pentecost, surely his disciples did – but they did not. "After Jesus Died" shows that the Bible leaves no reasonable alternative to those two conclusions.

"The Book of Revelation"

Jesus’ Messages to Seven Pastors & John’s Vision concerning the Last Days

The question, “Are you ready for Jesus to come?” may be a good question to ask, but the more appropriate question is, “Are you ready for Jesus not to come?” because the reality is that it is not time for Jesus to return. So, the real issue is, are we ready to stay here and do the work that remains to be done? Are we prepared to endure what this world and the body of Christ will suffer before the coming of the Lord? May God use this "Study of Revelation" to better prepare you, my dear Reader, to stand in the Final Judgment, washed from every stain of sin by the blood of God’s Son Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

"Spiritual Light"

Jesus earnestly prayed that the Father would make us all one, and yet, God's people are divided by conflicting doctrines and traditions into a thousand different sects. Why? "Spiritual Light", contains light that can begin to heal the divisions among God's people. When the word of God comes, it is as if you have been sitting in darkness your whole life, and suddenly the light is turned on. You will feel enlightened as well, as you read this book. Prepare for an adventure in faith.

"The Sound of the Spirit at Spirit Baptism"

We need to know who has received the Spirit of God and who has not. Otherwise, we are lost in a world of religious confusion as to who really is born of God and who is not. This is the condition that exists among believers today. "The Sound of the Spirit at Spirit Baptism" presents an accurate and consistent biblical explanation for the sound of the Spirit being the sign that one has been baptized by Christ with the holy Spirit. If true, this belief radically alters the commonly accepted picture of the body of Christ, for since the baptism of the Spirit is the only means of entering the body of Christ (1Cor. 12:13) then the body of Christ would be composed only of those who have received that baptism, with the audible evidence Jesus said would accompany that blessing.

"Slander (What it is and How it Works)"

The writers of the Bible understood slander in ways that modern dictionaries do not capture. A dictionary will tell you that to slander means “to make a false spoken statement that damages a person’s reputation.” Biblical stories of slander reveal that slander can be verbal or non-verbal and that slander often uses truth to accomplish its purpose. Slander, as found in Scripture, is a most effective tool of unclean spirits; it has a very high success rate both in the world and in the body of Christ. Slander, book one in the Iron Kingdom series, lays the foundation needed to understand slander in its most perfect form: the religious system called Christianity.

"The Jerusalem Council"

Paul wrote to Timothy, “All they in Asia have forsaken me.” And such was the case in all the Assemblies everywhere. Yes, before the apostles died, the body of Christ had fallen into apostasy. Today, the body of Christ is still confused and divided, and this can be traced back to the Acts 15 council.Paul’s gospel for the Gentiles held that Jesus possesses the power to save men’s souls by himself, so that no ceremonial works are needed or required. But that contradicted Peter’s gospel for the Jews, which included the works of Moses’ law. That contradiction ignited the controversy that led to the Jerusalem Council. "The Jerusalem Council", book two of the Iron Kingdom series, lays out the likely arguments made at the Council and explains why both sides were desperate to win the day. And it reveals that while Paul’s argument was accepted by the leaders of the Council, the body of Christ as a whole eventually rejected Paul’s gospel.

"Solomon's Wisdom, The Secret Pathway to Happiness"

"Solomon's Wisdom: The Secret Pathway to Happiness", is dedicated to the young, who are precious in the sight of God and in the eyes of those who are like Him. It is not written as a substitute for the wonderful books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, but only to acquaint the young reader with some of their beauty and wisdom.

"Marriage and Divorce, What Does the Bible Really Say?"

There are few areas of life where more harm has been inflicted on hurting souls by ministers themselves than in the turbulent and delicate area of marriage, divorce, and remarriage. "Marriage and Divorce, What Does the Bible Really Say?" provides a sound, biblical discussion of this important area of life.

"Holy Bible - Is it the Word of God?"

Among many believers, believing that the Bible is the Word of God has become a litmus test of faith in Christ. But did God ever set that standard for us? "Holy Bible, Is it the Word of God?" examines this common belief by considering what the Scripture says about itself. As much reverence as is due the Bible, (and it is due a great deal of reverence), is it beyond the limit of both reason and revelation to call it the Word of God?

"Tithes and Offerings"

The Right Relationship between a Pastor and His Congregation

"Tithes and Offerings" is not a book about money. It is about the relationship of a pastor and his flock, both his responsibility toward them and theirs toward him. How to deal with God's money is a necessary element of the discussion, but more importantly, how are we to deal with each other? In the big scheme of things, the issue of tithes and offerings is a minor matter, as Jesus himself said (Mt. 23:23). At the same time, if the tithes and offerings part of our spiritual life is not in order, every other part of our spiritual life is adversely affected. The truth about tithes and offerings will challenge your heart with light which, to the author's knowledge, is shining nowhere else.

"What the Bible really says about Hell"

Where is Hell? And who goes there? Can anyone escape from Hell? And is Hell the "Lake of Fire?" What are "Gehenna" and "Tartarus?" "What the Bible really says about Hell" answers these questions and many more about Hell.

"Suffering and the Saints"

You are hurting. You have suffered a crushing loss. Or you have been betrayed, disappointed or misunderstood. What do you do? What do you think? "Suffering and the Saints" examines Biblical stories of faith where men and women are seen doing good in desperate situations but, more than that, the reason they did good is explained. By knowing what they knew, we can do what they did, and be what they were, and receive the strength to continue in well doing.

"The Apostate Fathers"

Irenaeus observed, “Error, indeed, is never set forth in its naked deformity, lest, being thus exposed, it should at once be detected. But it is craftily decked out in an attractive dress, so as, by its outward form, to make it appear to the inexperienced [to be] more true than the truth itself.” This is true. "The Apostate Fathers" examines the teachings of some of the men whom, the author contends, are the “false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing” that Jesus and the apostles warned of to no avail. They won the hearts of the saints with their mixture of truth and error, and began the development of the religion of Christianity.

"Malachi – Prophet to an Apostate Nation"

Spiritual issues remain the same, from generation to generation. "Malachi – Prophet to an Apostate Nation" reveals that in this covenant, as in the old, God still offers a merciful response to the human problem of sin. The true prophets pointed to the way of the law, and God’s true ministers today are sent to point all to the way of the Spirit, the new and better covenant brought to us by God's beloved Son by which “whosoever will”, even the vilest of sinners, may receive forgiveness for his sins.

"The Influence of Trinitarian Doctrine on Translations of the Bible"

Did the apostles think the Spirit of God is a person? How faithful to the Greek writers’ words are different versions of the Bible? "The Influence of Trinitarian Doctrine on Translations of the Bible" carefully studies the Greek New Testament to present proof of the intentional mistranslation of words referring to the Spirit of God. In most of the bible versions examined, Greek words are routinely and purposely mistranslated for the obvious purpose of promoting faith in a holy Trinity.

Other Books Our Work Has Published

"Childhood Stories"

Jesus became very displeased with his disciples when they tried to prevent some little children from coming to him (Mk. 10:13–14). The stories in this book show that Jesus still loves children, and he still reaches out his hand to bless them. In these stories of Jesus’ care for us in our childhood, we are reminded that his kingdom still belongs to those whose hearts are like little children. -- John D. Clark, Sr.

"In God's Shadow" (By Billy Mellick)

This day I am free of all pain and all cancer because I stayed "In God's Shadow". My story began when God sent me a kidney stone that would take me on an incredible journey with Him. I almost lost my life, yet it was a time filled with mercy, life and love from our Lord Jesus, including a visit from two angels in my hospital room. Please pass this book on to anyone who needs a touch from Jesus.
~ Billy Mellick

"The Old Testament Course Online"

A complete Online Course with study guides and audio/video lessons, as taught by Pastor John Clark, Sr.
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